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  1. Miraculously made the semi-finals after beating a team with a roster that was no doubt better than mine. Sadly, went up against Ingram, Andrews and Darnold last night. Nothing like being down 50 points before Sunday even rolls around. 3rd place game here i come!
  2. Tevin Coleman, Joe Mixon and Tyreek Hill were all a part of my starting lineup. That was fun while it lasted. Drafting and starting Curtis Samuel and Dante Pettis in my two FLEX spots was just the icing on the cake!
  3. I had Mahomes, Hill and Badgely against Damien Williams... My three combined for 26. Damien Williams scored 26. Goodbye to any chances of going to the title game.
  4. Playing him in the FLEX this week due to injuries. Odds he can do anything of note against a Texans secondary that Hilton just tore up? I feel like there could be worse dart throws.
  5. Pissed because my opponent in the semifinals lost Hunt and Conner but was lucky enough to get Williams on waivers. Not sure how the distribution of touches will go but there's definitely some good TD upside here against a team that just got shredded by Joe Mixon. I'm not saying the Chiefs will run the ball the same way, but Williams seems like he's a low-end RB2 at worst.
  6. I'm up 31 going into tonight. He has Diggs and Vikings D. I have Thielen. Unless Diggs does his best Amari Cooper impersonation tonight, I feel like I should survive this one.
  7. Oh Jordan. I started you every week up until now and most of the time you burned me. I finally bench you and then you decide to go for 100 yards rushing for the first time all year. But in all seriousness, he did look good last night. Game script should be in his favor at home next week against the Packers.
  8. For some reason I can't shake the feeling he's gonna have a line similar to what he had against the Patriots earlier this year. I could also be completely wrong.
  9. https://twitter.com/MikeReiss/status/1058042653902864384 For those looking for source for today's practice.
  10. I'm desperate due to byes and injuries in a deep league. Start 2 out of the 3: Trey Burton, Antonio Callaway, Marquez Valdes-Scantling .5 PPR
  11. Tom Brady to score less than 24 points tonight. Just gotta hope they go up big early and kill clock in the 2nd half. This seems like the type of game that Brady wouldn't have to throw the ball all night, but we'll see.
  12. In a league where there is 5 WR/TE spots that you must fill each week, I'm starting 3 TE's: George Kittle, C.J. Uzomah and Trey Burton. You read that correctly, THREE TIGHT ENDS.
  13. It sucks either way, but if you had to start one QB this week, who would you choose between Case Keenum and Marcus Mariota?
  14. In .5 PPR, start two out of the three: Dede Westbrook, Nelson Agholor, George Kittle.
  15. Chris Godwin to not play a single snap or not catch a single pass
  16. I am in this exact dilemma and have no idea who to start. Most rankings have them right next to each other this week. I'm leaning Cleveland though.
  17. Clement. Dixon finds ways to get hurt every year and can't get out of his own way and I think the Ravens really like Buck Allen.
  18. I love Lynch and Williams this year, but am pretty down on Duke and Ingram. Duke just doesn't score touchdowns and the browns project to be somewhat better this year, which I'm guessing is going to limit his catches slightly since the Browns probably won't be getting blown out as much. I had Ingram last year and it just really seemed like he was getting closed to being phased out by the end of the season last year. I think he will chip in a TD here or there but he'll be far from reliable. But add in the rest of your squad and I think you'll be fine. Good luck this year!
  19. I'd drop Bryant for Davis (Reed will inevitably get hurt and miss time again) and I'd consider dropping Smith for Ware. If Hunt goes down, Ware might help you win some leagues. That's a solid lottery ticket for me.
  20. I feel like you're already pretty loaded at WR with your keepers. Out of those 4 names you listed, I would probably go with Lynch. He looked great at the end of last season once he finally started getting more carries and Gruden's offenses are usually RB-friendly. I just don't know how often Lewis will score this year since the Titans are such an improved team all-around.
  21. Stuck between the two. I think Drake is the better overall player with big-play written all over him, but Miller has less competition on a better offense. Who you guys like?
  22. Any Ravens fans in here? I know Harbaugh isn't going anywhere but I'm curious as to others opinions on him after the Ravens have missed the playoffs the last three seasons.
  23. The guy who runs this league has some very interesting rules. But when someone is completely out of it and wants to better prepare for next year, that's the type of trade that happens.