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  1. Ksnara was Limited. It's Wednesday, yes, so we still need to to see Thursday & Friday, BUT last week he was limited all week and did not play, iirc?
  2. No shooting I was just curious if anyone had insight into the process.
  3. I also read the Gurley was limited in practice Friday. Are these facts in conflict? I was surprised to see him removed.
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/ArrowheadPride/status/1182370232821833728 #Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill catches a pass during portion of Thursday practice open to the media. https://t.co/OgHkfjMPfE
  5. I came here to see if anyone watching knows if Brown is out there now?
  6. I like your team but go see if Lamar Jackson is available. I like him better than Cam.
  7. I own Gurley. Pick two out of these: Henderson, Malcolm Brown, Justin Jackson
  8. I am trying to figure this out also. I have Gurley and Brown and I wanna know if I should drop Justin Jackson for Henderson. Someone else said drop Brown for Henderson. I am so confused. Conflicted info everywhere I look. It makes me just wanna get Henderson, but I don't wanna blow it by dropping Justin Jackson if he could be flex-worthy.
  9. I currently own Gurley and Malcolm Brown, and Darrell Henderson is on waivers to hit tonight. I am strongly considering adding Henderson to help solidify my stronghold on the Rams backfield (barring a random trade/signing). I would be dropping Justin Jackson. I realize that by having (3) Rams RBs to potentially only fill one starting slot could be an issue, for example- If J. Jackson ends upbeing start-worthy I could be starting Gurley AND Jackson in the flex, where I may not be able to start Gurley AND Henderson. I am not certain this is a Kamara/Ingram situation from a couple years ago(?). 18-team (8-slot roster) 1PPR league I am waiver #5 out of 18 teams. I also have to decide if I should wake up at 3am to see if he cleared waivers or cash in my relatively high waiver spot. My team is: QB-Lamar Jackson, RB-Gurley, WR-Tyreek Hill, TE-OJ Howard, Flex-Tyler Lockett, Bench1- Justin Jackson, Bench2-Malcolm Brown, K-Matt Bryant
  10. And Zeke has 0 projected on yahoo..... (My league settings have Pollard at 16pts wk 1 and 5 ROS.)
  11. I would have to drop Pollard, Darwin, or my cuff Malcolm Brown. It's still a Bills RB who will be losing most games. I did not bite. Should I have regrets? I only have 2 bench spots and I currently don't even a have a kicker.
  12. Is this guy simply wrong? There is some text anda short video also here: https://www.playerprofiler.com/article/malcolm-brown-advanced-stats-metrics-analytics-fantasy-football-handcuffs/
  13. I was debating Julio or Tyreek, and I just love watching Hill play. I am just not into Julio
  14. Henderson can remain the COP back when Gur;ey goes down, and Brown would be the backup, ala CJA.
  15. My leaguemates said it was too soon. I am not trolling; just inescapable, unrelenting self-doubt.
  16. I took Gurley with my 2nd pick at #23 overall (2.5). Is this about where he is being drafted?