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  1. No. We need Boyd to have Green doubled up. Boyd being open because of that is best for business.
  2. It's such a pleasure having this man in 95 percent of my leagues. What a stud. Nice to see him get a TD he earned through his work. Hated when he would run his way down the field and then here comes Freeman for the touchdown! Lol
  3. Lost because this man decided there was only one WR on the team. He killed every drive out there. Wtf was that?
  4. f--- Andy Dalton and his desperate need to feed Green. Straight up killed every drive with that bull. That is all lol
  5. With it being a hamstring issue, I'd rather he just sit. Go get some rest and not rush his way to a season ending injury. Not worth it when they have Ekeler to pick up the slack. Sucks for us Gordon owners right now. But id rather have him ROS.
  6. He does so much with what he's given. Absolutely love it. Reddit users were freaking out in the live thread at half time. Especially when Royce scored that TD lol Glad he was able to get one himself. Especially since he was looking so good out there. Nice to see him prospering. To see an undrafted guy take his opportunity and run with it is real fun to watch.
  7. I see no harm in being hyped for a potential ticket that you may be able to cash in on. I wouldn't go as far to claim he's a league winner because there are a few unknowns. But you gotta find some excitement in this soul draining fantasy football somewhere Bless anyone who starts him this week though lol
  8. I saw the Ginn notification from the sleeper app and immediately ran to the waivers lol Gonna sit on my bench until I see how he's used. Long shot, but I'd rather get to him first than be mad he does well on a opponent's team because I hesitated. If you have the bench room, no harm in rostering.
  9. I would love more anything to sell this guy. No one wants him. And at this rate, any offers I got before this game were bench warmers I couldn't put in my lineup either. I was so confident in this damn pick too. Cohen has been great and it's so annoying as a Howard owner lol I legitimately may play Phillip freaking Lindsay over Howard from now on at least I know I'd get double digit points. While it was nice to see Howard break off some good runs this game, I have no confidence in anything going forward. All I would be doing is hoping for a big game as he gives me single digits until then.
  10. Be careful though, please Kupp. While I need you right now, I need you ROS more. Don't be out there in pain.
  11. fantasy gods showing us mercy?! What is this sorcery
  12. That would be so awful. Have the rest of your career screwed over because a defender pulled an illegal move on you? Wow.
  13. Kupp was a player I went into drafts wanting in as many leagues as possible. He was shaping up to having a great year. What a damn shame. Possibly have your season ended over a bull**** illegal move. Hate it had to be him smh.
  14. I was begging for a goaline TD to salvage this. Feels like such a waste and I can't even get mad at the Cohen stuff because he's been looking great. Why would Nagy take out the RB he knows can make big plays and score TDs? Wish he would have had a big game just so the trade offers wouldn't be as awful as they have been for him smh.