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  1. if you are looking for owners send me an invite. brad.duce@ymail.com
  2. I'm in. If you get it set up send me a a link. brad.duce@ymail.com
  3. No, I'm just in canada and i've heard that yahoo doesn't work for someone outside of the US.
  4. I think i'd be interested. Wanted to to an auction - how many do you have so far? brad.duce@ymail.com
  5. I think I can make it work actually. Can you send me an invite? Brad.duce@ymail.com
  6. I get it if you can’t move everything for one person, just thought I’d ask.
  7. Any chance you could bump the draft back a bit? Interested, but tough for me to get away for 4. Could make 5 work though.