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  1. this guy may be a drop for those in early playoffs. he's likely looking at a minutes restrictions anyway when he comes back at the end of feb right?
  2. how will this ruin Kleber's value when WCS can't shoot at all? kleber is still the primary backup for both pf/c
  3. low PT is only because of foul trouble. he's killing out there
  4. this is why ive drafted this guy 4 years in a row
  5. yeah this isnt close lol. if i was in that league and this trade went through id riot
  6. i wouldnt trade for beal. murky ros outlook, may get shut down kemba/donovan i both like but it depends what your team needs are. would lean kemba if you need a guard
  7. lowry, fred, norm, pascal, ibaka and OG are all producing... dont see how this is the conclusion you come to
  8. safer, higher floor because of the minutes than wood but def less upside
  9. best replacement for stocks has to be nerlens. elite handcuff who is already producing in low mins
  10. boucher barely plays, hard to believe he'll suddenly start getting anywhere near 30 mins but still the upside has to make him the add over rhj since we've seen what rhj can do right...?
  11. no one is going to give you 'fair' trade value for a random guy u picked up for free
  12. he walked off and looked okay. hopefully just minor tweak