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  1. it's crazy how delusional laker fans are.... no one wants your s--- assets
  2. you are straight up delusional if you think NOP HAVE to take LA's deal before the deadline
  3. yes... they were 4th... 34 games into the season with one of the easiest opening schedules......... ???????
  4. i don't think waiting for confirmation is necessary here... even if it wasnt the same knee as before, the best case scenario seems to be a return during IRL playoffs which is also extremely unlikely
  5. at the very least hes an elite handcuff who should still be able to produce with 23 min
  6. tough between this guy and Jon Isaac. Siakam obviously playing better right now but don't know how much OG will hurt Siakam
  7. I think we need to pump the brakes on dropping guys who literally have yet to play a regular season game in guys like Mo Bamba. See how all your guys play tomorrow, but really if there's a drop on your team it's javale
  8. I actually got isaac with the last pick in the draft... 156. lol hes ranked like 256
  9. butlers not going to forfeit his money.. if anything the trade potential is just icing for teague owners
  10. eh it still shows a marked improvement from college to the nba and preseason is an extremely small sample size and the first game he was dominated by kanter and went 0-2. hard to suggest regression based on that
  11. but anyway i still like oladipo at the turn of the 1st. although i would consider taking gobert over pg just because of positional scarcity
  12. he inferred that because you say fg by pg/dipo right after you say ft by simmons/drummond........................... ???????????????? paul george is a career 43.2% from the field. i dont see anyone saying you have to punt FG when you draft kemba so why PG? really strange suggestion
  13. late picks in snake drafts this year are in incredible position. so many options in the heart of the top 20
  14. unlike marquese, Collins appears to have a brain and will improve on this front
  15. Steph's 15/16 season is one of the greatest statistic seasons in this modern era. its unfair to use that as a blanket benchmark
  16. long but good interview before his breakout season last year - im all in on oladipo at the turn of the first round. guy got a taste of being a superstar and wants to bask in it again
  17. oladipo actually played 2 more games than lillard last year. the margin between guys like lillard/oladipo/pg/kawhi i think is so minute you could make a case for any of them over the others. lillards main boons are his 3 point makes and scoring, which isn't hard to make up on the rest of your roster. 2+ steals on the other hand, you wont get with lillard and are much more valuable