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  1. obviously guys like towns are going to be projected fine lol. im talking about all the obvious players with increased roles that arent seeing accurate projection adjustments
  2. i have the 12th pick in a snake and am targeting oladipo over kawhi. it's close between kawhi and paul george at the turn if hes still available
  3. competition is intense in this league and some matchups boil down to tanking vs certain opponents so thinking towards h2h playoffs i agree it is a reach and would also be happy with an oladipo/butler but there are so many targetable guys with the punt build id be able to make up value late
  4. these projections seem really conservative across the board. they call for a regression in most categories for a lot of players and are understating a lot of breakouts
  5. i know this is the drummond thread but alternatively to this build ive been considering oladipo and kawhi/butler at 12/13 bc of the scarcity of guys that get 2+ steals
  6. i love the potential for the build but after doing some mocks, the lack of relevant SG is a clear problem. has position eligibility gotten more strict? i dont want to end up with only 1 player w sg eligibility like austin rivers late or something theres a huge amount of relevant players at other positions, just not Sg
  7. unless if someone has a stacked team of steals like kawhi/oladipo then i'd be f**ed. maybe not then
  8. i could take this even further and punt FT/3PM and PTS taking ben after drummond immediately makes me dominant in FG/REB and very competitive in assists, steals and blocks. focusing on counting stats and players like kyle anderson, and high AST/TO guards like teague.. in h2h thats hard to stop
  9. this is true, i agree. i'm just thinking in the vein that it's only worth reaching on drummond/ben at 12/13 when im punting both FT and 3pm. if I'm just punting FT, depending on whose available I'd rather just go the non-punt route and take guys like jokic/oladipo or kawhi/oladipo, guys like that to build off of at picks 12/13 i like the option of being able to dictate my draft since drummond/simmons will both guaranteed be there and if i adopt a build punting both ft and 3pm their value skyrockets relative to my team and then the reach is worth it
  10. @hipriest69 also, dwight is high in the 4th but when punting ft and 3pm hes a top 20 player. in the 3rd/4th i need to take 1 center between clint/deandre/dwight/adams to maintain fg% reb and blk superiority
  11. drummond and ben both made 0 3 pointers last year. its hard to put drummond down for more than 1 a game when shooting has never been his game. when my first 2 picks dont make 3 pointers its hard not to punt 3s the biggest problem i see is just the lack of SGs relative to whats needed for the build
  12. the thing is I think i'd be punting 3s as well as FT%. the issue is getting enough pts and assists just did a mock and ended up with 1. drummond 2. ben simmons 3. middleton 4. dwight 5. bledsoe 6. josh richardson 7. dejounte 8. john collins 9. kyle anderson 10. thad young 11. jarrett allen 12. caris levert 13. austin rivers depending on how it goes there are other guys i can take like elfrid, randle, taj gibson but dont know how viable this is. wanted to lock down FG%, REB, STL, BLK and still be somewhat competitive in PTS/AST/TO also not sure which SG to target here
  13. if ur punting ft and 3pm i love it. im trying to follow this type of build this year. still strong enough in pts/asst to not have to soft punt those
  14. in a 12 team, 9 cat h2h league? I figure if i adopt this strategy, anyone trying to copy me will trail behind and I'll immediately have the best possible guard and best possible center for this type of build do you think its plausible to reach here when punting FT% and 3PM? how do we think Casey impacts Drummond's value versus SVG? thanks
  15. that is what im struggling with building around this ill have FG, reb, stl and blks locked up, punting FT/3PM and almost soft/tanking pts and assists to a point. targeting guys like bledsoe/elfrid, dejounte/tyreke/collison i could stay competitive in assists though I think
  16. i have the 12th pick in a h2h 9cat and im thinking of taking drummond/ben simmons at 12 and 13 for a strong punt ft/3pm build
  17. theyre the worst team in the nba and just snapped a 19 game losing streak shut this bum down
  18. I have Jabari on my IR but haven't taken him off. I have a bid in for someone and it'll clear at 11 AM, but with Jabari about to get the O tag taken off, will my bid go through? It says it's a pending move right now so I'm hoping it does