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  1. i mean how can u expect him to not get in foul trouble against the offensive juggernaut that is the magic?
  2. oh didnt know there was another one. i would give him a flier but i had just picked up kyle anderson and he seems like a much safer lock for value right now
  3. not a lavine owner but i fking love this guy. i think he'll be a factor
  4. he did run a significant amount of the offense. teammates just bricked shots they were gifted
  5. from rotoworld's blurb: Not bad. He was almost on pace for a quadruple-double at half with all five of those steals coming in the first two quarters. i swear they dont even watch the games. he had 5 steals in 7 minutes not 2 quarters
  6. ill be holding ricky until the end of time if only for his steals
  7. *yells from across the room* delon wright
  8. he's gonna be good, but I'm not high on his ceiling given the eventual return of jabari
  9. ???? do it brogdons ceiling just got lowered w bledsoe there and taurean had found his footing. over 44% on the year and he gets more stl blk this is a no brainer
  10. bog has already been starting and doing nothing w the opportunity
  11. true. maybe if ur trying to tank u should take that