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  1. ???? do not do this im not a marquese believer and redick is strictly a specialist....
  2. lol he is clearly not going to return to early round value but he still knocks down 1.8 3s a game and will get a block or more per game on good % (his ft will return to norm) dropping him is lol
  3. i love josh and his upside but ibaka was just dropped in my league lol. now i'm just wondering how much to bid
  4. i dropped jonathan simmons for him and am starting frank in H2H. reliable assists and steals are hard to find and i like his path to minutes
  5. even with all the duds hes still holding late round value because of the 3s steals and blocks. hes an easy hold
  6. youd have to be a fool to trade draymond for rubio
  7. i know the celtics played the bucks today but bogs on the kings has looked great
  8. suns might get a forward back in a bledsoe deal too which wouldnt be great for him i also dropped him yesterday
  9. i never said powell is much better. i just said that hood has a lower floor which he does
  10. damn can you do this analysis for rozier? :+)
  11. yes, you get clearly the best player in the deal and there are a lot of emerging viable FA
  12. sorry didnt mean to post this topic twice
  13. i like the outlook of both but cant decide rozier can get me 3s while wright can get me blocks
  14. i like the outlook of both, but cant decide between the 2 rozier gets me 3s, wright can get me blocks