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  1. Are you already in the league? It's been a while and everyone waiting for him to pay. Maybe post your email.
  2. according to the league members page, the last team is reserved for you. Have you tried to join again? Maybe the LM should resend you the invite.
  3. yeah, probably 10-15 minutes after the last person makes their payment. so far we have 11/12.
  4. People couldn't join, so he removed the three previous owners and the draft will be set when the league is full again.
  5. Three people didn't pay before the draft, so you will be listed as a second owner, but you will have the team for yourself after the draft.
  6. I’m interested in this league, do I just join or do you want me to post my email? By the way, the only thing I’m not feeling is football names for a basketball league.