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  1. I just made a similar deal. I have Hunt, CJA, A Jones, McKinnon, am 4-1 in 14 man 0.5 PPR, but 8 teams make playoffs. I traded CJA for Zeke.
  2. Just traded: I received: Ezekiel Elliot I gave: CJ Anderson Im 4-1, very likely to make playoffs, he is 2-3. This was strictly a playoff bid. If all goes well I will have Hunt and Ezekiel in the playoffs! I have A Jones and Mickinnon, this only really works out for me if at least one of them turns out to be the real deal.
  3. 0.5 PPR. Starting RBs/TE includes RB: Hunt, CJA TE: Kelce Its a good problem to have, I'm sure several of my potential flex players will do great this weekend, but which one to start? ASJ Rudolph Aaron Jones McKinnin Thanks.
  4. Sneed and Kearse for your WR, Vereen for flex.
  5. I think I would take it...especially if you are already likely to make the playoffs.
  6. If the Gronk owner offered that, you should accept before he sobers up and retracts the offer!
  7. Just dropped $27 FAAB on OBJ in a keeper league. I'm sitting in first this year and am pretty excited that I'll get OBJ next year as my 9th round pick