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  1. Avery for sure, he has no competition for minutes. Lamb will be non existent after batum comes back
  2. I can't stand holding on to noel any longer. Should i take this trade or wait for noel to turn it around? My Smart/Noel for his Thad/Clarkson Thanks in advance! Standard 12-team H2H (Punt fg/to) PG:Wall, Dinwiddie, Smart SG: Ariza, Jrich, SF: Crabbe, Johnson, Aminu PF: Ibaka, Chriss, Noel C: Cousins, Collins INJ: Bledsoe
  3. I would stick with klays side unless you can find someone off the waiver who can give you more total points http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/681303-which-trade-should-i-take-100-whir/
  4. I agree with the others, offer collins first and see if he'll bite (doubt it tho)
  5. avery for sure. ibaka is s--- now http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/681303-which-trade-should-i-take-100-whir/
  6. I would take porter. Hes a multicat monster without hurting u anywhere http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/681303-which-trade-should-i-take-100-whir/
  7. rubio all day everyday. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/681303-which-trade-should-i-take-100-whir/
  8. I would try to sell jrue with melo...It also depends on what he has on his team and what his needs are.
  9. Which deal should i take or should i stay put. TRADE A: My Wall and Jrich for His Turner and Carroll Trade B: My Wall and Ibaka for His Whiteside and Harris. I'm prolly gonna switch my team to punt assist with either of these trades. Thanks in advance! Standard H2h - 12 Team PG: Wall, Smart, Dinwiddie SG: Ariza, Jrich, Crabbe SF: Johnson, Aminu PF: Ibaka, Chriss, Noel C: Cousins, Collins INJ: Bledsoe
  10. tatum http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/679612-dmcbledsoe-for-kd-trade-100-whir/
  11. I would stick with Horford side. more rounded players http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/679612-dmcbledsoe-for-kd-trade-100-whir/
  12. depends on ur needs. horford for rebs/assist/blocks. Melo for points and threes. i would still pick horford tho
  13. thats a little too much...i would go steph and dray tho. might have to give up a low end player with giannis
  14. I have an offer of trading my DMC and bledsoe for his KD! Should i take this deal? I will then move wall for whiteside or gobert to make my team punt assist! Thanks for the help in advance! 12-Team Standard H2H PG: Wall, Bledsoe, Smart, Dinwiddle SG: Jrich, Ariza (INJ), Crabbe SF: Aminu, J. Johnson PF: Ibaka, Chriss C: Noel, DMC, John Collins
  15. you guys must be new to fantasy....lol...first game and ppl are panick dropping alrdy.
  16. I would stay put for now till bledsoe beasts for the first month or so and then sell him high. You can definitely get more than nurkic and crowder with bledsoe. Thanks for the help!
  17. do not drop gordon...hes gonna fully breakout this season http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/676787-improve-my-team-whir-100/
  18. I would go thad cause hes proven...chriss will be super inconsistent the whole year, so unless you can stomach his bad games, i would go with thad.
  19. I think its a fair deal...but i think you should get someone thats rosterable back as well.