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  1. yes do it 100%. I don't hate Evans, just think Godwin is #1 there and Ridley looks real good. Help me: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/765831-deebo-or-fuller-ppr-flex-whir/
  2. Oh my fault... Yes I would take DJ and Allen and start OJ
  3. I am higher on OJ than most. I think I would hold off on that one
  4. Is your tight end good? I think Kupp is a stud. DJ is also very valuable. I value running backs really high so I probably won't but it depends on what you think.
  5. Tight ends aren't very good imo. I would look to snag someone else. Help me:
  6. Conner not particularly close. Don't overthink it, he was a second round pick. Help me:
  7. If all those players start on your team, I would keep those guys. If you have a good alternative, the guys you're getting are clearly better. I like Adams more than the receivers (obviously) and Jacobs is better than Chubb (long-term) in my opinion, although it is close. I would keep the two of them if no one else good on bench to play. Help me:
  8. Eh I mean you have three good receivers... You don't need AB is someone offered you a RB fro Bridgeh2o I would but not a guy who is sitting on your bench.' ' Help me: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/765831-deebo-or-fuller-ppr-flex-whir/
  9. I got Montgomery here. You have other good options though. Help me: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/765831-deebo-or-fuller-ppr-flex-whir/
  10. I would take Tate. Zeke is proven durable, I see what you're thinking. WHIR:
  11. Lowest floor???? Kirk is the play. Highest ceiling is definitely Mecole. Depends on what you need. Help me:
  12. I would take Dorsett or Deebo over Penny. Prefer Dorsett, he has looked good w/ Pats. Help me: