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  1. Adebayo and Tatum , rejected by others players KAT + dedmon for Oubre + Holmes it’s good...?
  2. Hi, i am in 12 team league, 9cat. i have KAT but my playoffs are in 3 weeks and affraid he won’t play... so i look for trade but i am not good at this... KAT against Tatum ? Good or not ? Against Adebayo? Against Oubre+Holmes? Others ? thanks you
  3. Multiple games is not multiple weeks so he should return soon
  4. If they wanted to tank , they not take Russell for KAT
  5. His friend is here, i think KAT wants to play now
  6. "multiple games" is not "multiple weeks"... so I will miss 7/8 matchs but not more I think, no ??
  7. Multiple games... i can wait 3 weeks after ASB, not more
  8. Traduction please? When he will be back ? In 2 weeks?