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  1. ok, but for Doyle, he is in competition with Burton... so don't sure Doyle will have a lot of target, and more than Ebron.
  2. Good season at Steelers ? or McDonald will have the targets ? BigBen likes TE, so maybe big season for him
  3. what do you think here ? In dynasty, it's a good choice before Stafford, Matt Ryan, Rodgers (don't like in dynasty), Mayfield, Burrow, Tua, Goff ...? With Fromm's selection, Bills wants to play with Fromm in near future ?
  4. No debat here... how can team A give Zeke Hill and 1st round for this?!? unbelievable for me...
  5. Fred warner ? Blake martinez ...??
  6. Yes, so tackles 1 point, ast 0,5pt, passes defended 2pts, forced fumble 2pts, safeties 2pts, td 6 pts, interceptions 3 pts, sacks 3 pts...
  7. Hi, i do my first dynasty league and my first with IDP. i see linebackers do better points. Leonard is #1 but 2nd rank and after it’s very different on all platforms. for you, who are the linebackers to select after Leonard? Thanks you
  8. i see him very high in rankings... But with Brady not sure volume will be like the last year. Brady will give the ball to all offense players for TD, Godwin but Evans, Gronk (he loves the Gronk for TD), OJH... So i am not sure Godwin make a big season like the last...Brady uses more rb than Winston
  9. In draft, Elliot falls to 17th ranking
  10. On MFL, the ranking for draft he was 3rd... and now he is ranking 17th ?? Wtf ? It's normal ??
  11. Hi, I don't know if I write at the good place. I am French and with friends we are trying to setup a new dynasty league on MFL. I always play in classic fantasy, it's our first time on dynasty and on MFL (Yahoo for classic league) And we are lost , so I need help. We make rules with my friends and I don't manage to setup some things... We want to setup : In offseason, we want every week (Monday 1:00pm to Monday 1:00pm) blind bidding for all FA (players FA, locked...) In regular season, we want every week Sunday 1:00pm to Thursday 1:00pm blind bidding for all FA (FA and locked players) AND Thursday 1:00pm to Sunday 1:00pm Fist Come First Serve. Warning: all the players who are dropped (or cut) are automatically locked (to have blind bidding first) How to setup all that ? Thanks you a lot and sorry for my English I need help a lot... Thanks you Tomy
  12. No, NFL Draft will give a little pleasure to all people... People needs to have pleasure in this time. NFL draft mustn't be postponed.
  13. What do you think of him ? justify to use my 1st on waiver on him ? Good ros ? Very good the last month. does he continue ?