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  1. Stocks are nice and the minutes are there. He usually doesn't take enough shots to hurt you there too wildly. Worth a hold in deep leagues until Embiid gets back IMO.
  2. Let him slip through my fingers a couple of times... Enjoy the run of hot form.
  3. Tend to agree with this. I've also had Curry stashed away for the last three weeks, so was bordering on gluttonous turning my attention to Nurk as well.
  4. Anyone without an IR thinking about stashing soon?
  5. When the shot isn't falling he hasn't really produced the peripherals to prop him up (this is true even through his recent good stretch). Hold but not at all costs.
  6. Kawhi has two back-to-backs during my fantasy playoffs (Week 21-23), how confident are we that he'll be in a position to play those? Noting Doc's recent comments that he think he'll play them later in the season.
  7. I watched all of Nance's minutes once he got the opportunity after TT was ejected and man he is just a good basketball player. Great feel for the game. Big reason the Cavs were able to mount a comeback. I'm holding all the way to the deadline.
  8. I think you'll regret not dropping TT for Mitch until the day you die.