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  1. 1. Embiid will play more than 30 games this year 2. GSW vs OKC in West Finals / CLE vs BOS in East Finals 3. Kyrie will do at least 1 sick crossover against Lebron, then Lebron will posterize Kyrie with a monster dunk 4. Wolves will make it to the playoffs 5. Sixers will make it to the playoffs
  2. got Prince on my 140th pick (rd12). I'm seeing a lot of potential and Hawks will give him more playing time for development. Kawhi 2.0? hahaha
  3. just drafted him yesterday in one of my leagues haha 30th pick(round 3). I stashed a lot of centers as back up in case he won't play a lot. This is a ver high risk/ high reward
  4. drafte this guy on my 77th pick(round 7) - 12 team, points league. I expect him to be used a lot and I see a lot of potential.
  5. drop LaVine for now. I agree with getting Noel
  6. i mean, they will be cautious. I'm looking it like what sixers did with their injured players. Well i hope he will be racking up this year so I can pick him up haha Last year I owned him, he was a stud in fantasy before injury.
  7. I like LaVine but for this season, I avoided him. Injury plus new team. Bulls lineup is very weak, they will not push through playoffs and I'm guessing they will be very cautious with LaVine. He might be back 100% next year, hopefully.
  8. agree with assist, for reb at least you got Gortat, Favors, Griffin and Gibson.
  9. i think you are good. Steph not getting many FT, Green not that high FT% and of course DJ with many FT and very low FT%
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