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  1. i want to punch kyrie in the face right now to cure his stupidity
  2. it's like he's only playing basketball cause the franchise is paying him to do it. no passion. he's just there.
  3. how do you see the impact of oladipo to brogdon's stats guys?
  4. im now considering this dude for my irving. fckng irving wants to be a baby in brooklyn
  5. totally agree with this. hahahaha... people nowadays expect monster stats from a waiver pickup. not everybody is like devonte graham people! 🤣🤣🤣
  6. yep. cause i don't have a pure C on my team. haha and now i'm getting 20rebs from drummond. but i really hope siakam can sustain his stats
  7. and here i was offered drummond from one of the managers in my league wahehehehe siakam is on fire boys
  8. dunno if he's the problem or his team or both
  9. i feel your pain. there's no shame in accepting your defeat. rip
  10. for JJJ's sake, i truly want to believe you. but i ain't patient enough for this guy...... hope i'm wrong
  11. with all due respect, JJJ's foul trouble issue should have been lesser than last year's. but it seems that it's going to be his most consistent talent affecting his capability to achieve that "upside". so no, he's not going to be the guy we're expecting.
  12. 0-5 field goal in 15 minutes with 3 fouls
  13. good thing i traded out my lauri and zeller. i don't think this dude is gonna be consistent all through out the season. it's gonna be graham's franchise once he gets the key lol
  14. i think boylen and fiz are buddies. they're both cancer