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  1. Thompson and Mostert (Breida looks unlikely). Doubt Breida plays and Thompson is out, but keep that in the back of your head.
  2. Agree. Your RBs are good; no need to panic and take a considerable hit there (though Kittle is no slouch).
  3. Mack and then Golladay; I wouldn't start Richard this week (over either).
  4. Thanks for helping on mine. It's close and probably a gut feeling. For what it's worth, 4for4 has McDonald 13 and Hooper 14 on ROS rankings for TEs. Whatever you feel like is probably best.
  5. I like Fitz. Battling injuries and may finally be getting close to healthy. But I'm a disgruntled Fitz owner and holding out hope, lol.
  6. Yeah, CMC is higher on the ROS outlook for most sites, I imagine (4for4 says 8 vs 11 in favor of CMC). I guess straight up, or start with a 2-for-2 where you improve on the other set of guys.
  7. Arizona, easily.
  8. Don't play dynasty but love it. Have A-Rob and not liking his injury/QB situation.
  9. I'd probably do it given your strong RBs. Chubb should be really good down the stretch, and you'd still have some depth. Would love help here if you can:
  10. I agree with those guys too. Don't play in 2QB leagues but seems really risky. I'd stay pat. Would love help here (no worries if not; it's a little crazy):
  11. I'll try to make this quick. Interested in what people have to say for this downward spiral that's taken place in the league I'm in. Began when Team A (hurting with RBs; had Bell, Cohen, Aaron Jones, Duke ) sent Thielen, Woods, Ebron and Aaron Jones for Team B's Conner, Ertz, Baldwin, Josh Gordon -- both teams among the best in the league. People thought it was a crazy trade (they assume Bell's back soon), and that since the two owners work together and "have a history of this stuff," it's collusion. Team B owner quit right away, but a later said he'll at least update his roster. Portion of the league say that quitting is when things went wrong. So recently Team C comes in and makes a deal with Team A. Team A sends Thielen/Woods/Cohen for Hunt/Edelman/Tyrell Williams. I don't think it'll get vetoed. A lot of the guys are buddies from high school, and the "angry majority" we'll call them say that the first trade was ridiculous. I'm not sure the second is better than the first, however. Team A even came in and explained his rationale; he doesn't think Bell will be back, at least anytime soon. Connor is balling out. (Notice in second deal he's giving up more; and doesn't get Ertz + Baldwin/Gordon.) Current arguments: The first trade was collusion. We have a right to use the veto button. If the first trade was vetoed, there's something wrong with it. Why did we even change the number of votes required to veto this offseason if we can't veto? Team B started this when he quit. I'd love some thoughts and opinions on this. It won't change anything, but just seeking some reasonable reactions here. I'll WHIR pretty quickly today.
  12. Yeah I need ESPN to get him off the undroppable list...
  13. T.J. Warren (back) is doubtful for Saturday against the Hornets. It was a surprise Thursday afternoon that Warren had back spasms, but it's certainly not a surprise he's likely out again. He's taken a while to recover from injuries and the Suns are in a race for lottery balls, so we're expecting Warren to miss multiple games. If Josh Jackson is out and Booker as well, get ready for some wacky lineups with more Shaq Harrison, Davon Reed and Troy Daniels filling wing minutes. --- Are you guys dropping? Have him in a 12-team and enjoying my playoff bye. Can't hold him if he's not playing next week...
  14. Thanks for helping on mine. Agree with Anderson; I'd definitely grab Leonard.
  15. I'd do it. Tyreke should take a hit; I like Richardon's blocks, etc.