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  1. To be fair there is a ton of quarterbacks in that second tier.. Aside from Rodgers, Wilson, Brady, Bree's ( Not having too much put on his plate anymore) .. you can lump about ten QB's in that next tier. Unfortunately you really don't have much of an alternative than to pay him you can count the Elite guys on one hand.
  2. His hands and catch radius are ridiculous.. Giants play action is actually going to be effective again in manageable downs ton of running with Eli taking shots downfield.
  3. Yup I agree.. Don't think its that outlandish to say Shurmur and the Giants have the second best Coaching in the division and I'm sure they'll prove that this season.
  4. I said picking against not picking on ha everyone is entitled to their opinion. Typically they fare well when people are picking against them ?.. I personally think Shurmur is going to have this offense clicking in ways Giants fans haven’t seen in awhile.
  5. I like when everyone picks against the Giants usually turns out decently.. I could also see 7-9 very easily to be fair but I don’t think the universe needs to align for them to get to 10-6.. NFL flucuates so much year to year why are you all penciling the Texans and Jags Games etc as L’s * No team has repeated as NFC East Champs since 2003* let me pencil in that Jags game... Bortles could just as easily throw 3 Ints on the road so many variables.. hate analyzing schedules. Before you all jump on me I repeat I could definitely see 7-9 but there is a very fine line if they gel early Edit : Also I think we have the second best coaching now in the division after the Eagles.
  6. There are a handful of QB's that compensate for a mediocre OL, bad RBs etc a handful and those aren't the " good " Qb's those are the great ones Wilson , Rodgers etc.. Dak was straight garbage without Zek and you can go on and on there are only a handful of QB's that can elevate an entire franchise by themselves. Edit : was there an inside joke I missed long day
  7. To be fair Joe Flacco had that 12 TD 0 INT that playoff run pretty sure he was first round granted Baltimore defense...Eli has put together much better statistical seasons though. That being said Eli was something similar in his second super bowl playoff run dominant as well
  8. Lets be honest if Darnold turns out to be baby Farve or Luck etc Giants will get killed for the pick .. If he turns out to be Blake Bortles everyone is going saying how smart Gettlemen was by staying with his gut. Only time will tell he wasn't in love with any of the QB's so went with the sure fire stud.. I'm sure he knows if Darnold turns out to be a stud he will forever be known as the guy who passed on him for a RB and no less we will have to watch Darnold in the same stadium. His fate is tied to Barkley v Darnold if Barkley is putting up Marshall Faulk numbers and Darnold is Blake Bortles then he will look amazing if it's the opposite ekk.. See I can be non-biased
  9. Breshad Perriman gives him a tight race until the end though.
  10. Perine and Rob are irrelevant. Guice is tough to gauge , Thompson will certainly be in on third downs which will put a hamper on Guice PPR wise that being said Thompson gets injured often. As far as I can see this kid may just be an immature and dramatic but as far as anything substantial coming out or anything of substance doesn't seem like hes done anything bad. He said a team asked about his sexuality and if his mother is a prostitute in today's society especially I would be absolutely baffled if a team asked him that and when a reporter followed up he said " he doesn't remember " who asked him... Not much to see here he is a talent I'll just go with immature in my opinion but well see I guess.
  11. Stop contradicting yourself, You like him but he’s another Webb now he’s better than Webb and will be the number two but he’s mid round so he’s the Gatorade boy but you like him but he’s slightly better than Webb my head hurts I can’t keep up which is it ... glad you’re coming around though I think they had a good draft too?
  12. Opinion ? You posted nothing of substance you just stated that there is no chance Lauletta will be relevant based off the fact that he was picked in the fourth round. Cyber may be over the top with a lot of his takes but your last few posts are just baiting a respond. He’s another Webb he can carry jackson, Allen’s ,rosen etc Gatorade bottle ... did you forumulate this opinion from your extensive research on him ?
  13. You act like 2 or 3 of the 5 guys you just named won’t turn out to be Blaine Gabbert or Bortles or Ponder etc... No it’s set in stone all five will pan out and it is completely impossible to hit on a QB past the first round.. and he is nothing like Webb. You got it!
  14. Sounds fair. NFL is so fickle there isn't a huge difference between going 7-9 and 10-6 few breaks one way or another. That being said some of those teams may take a step back and some a step forward.
  15. Yes obviously in middle school you should go back and finish. That's ironic coming from some of the responses you post on these boards... They are all very well thought out and intelligent enjoy your day!