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  1. Yeah i'm sorry but you're just dead wrong here. Evans goes down, so defense focuses more on Godwin and because of that I expected Perriman to give me 15 points at least. Obviously there was a need but I was not desperate he had the best outlook on my bench and here we are in the ship.
  2. Yeah but this late in the season it's common for the trade deadline to be passed. This is a very bad situation for owners, based on how he's played this year it's an irreplaceable injury. I just want Yahoo to give him INJ so I don't have to drop anyone.
  3. He's feeling under the weather and they're letting him rest.. chill lol
  4. I'm going to get this thread back on track... Jokic is out of shape! Jokic is getting into too much foul trouble. Malone is awful with managing minutes. Murray is a ball hog and stealing touches. He always does this, it's a marathon not a sprint. There we go back to normal.
  5. He stretches the floor. Zubac and Harrell are both low post players. Green is a PF who hits 3s (shooting 65% from 3 this year). It's actually really simple, in modern basketball you can't have two low post players on at the same time. Harrell was killing it, so you play him with a 4 who can stretch the floor and not clog up the paint.
  6. He still doesn't create his own shot and still has low % but I have to eat my words on this one. This dude almost had a 5x5 last night...that is an insane stat to get. If he boosts the assist he'll be prime draymond level of player. Didn't draft him in any leagues and am bummed I didn't. Congrats to current owners!
  7. Harrell had 34/13/5, and he's a far better player. This is going to be common so don't be surprised about it. Zubac will have his bigger minute games, but don't be blaming Doc Rivers. Kawhi was out so they needed offense and that is something that Harrell can do way better then Zubac.
  8. I want to know if anyone got him for that cheap lol
  9. The problem with him being out of shape is the foul trouble. He's getting burned by other bigs and fouling and then boom out of the game. The skill is obviously still 100% there but need him in the game to put up stats for us. He looks fine on offense from what I've watched so I'm not concerned as he gets into better shape as the season goes on.
  10. Paschall is better then him on offense. WCS career high in points is 29 and this is his 5th season. This dude already topped that 7 games in, so right off the bat I don't think someone like WCS should be getting minutes when he's basically proven that he can't score unless he gets a lob pass. You're correct that he's benefiting from Curry and Dray being out, but Curry is out for 3 months so that benefit isn't going anywhere. As for Draymond, I have said it for years in this forum.. He doesn't create his own shot so he doesn't really take touches away from Paschall, if anything he'll help him get better looks by finding him in the right spots. As long as Curry is out I think Spicy P will score 18/8 on 48% shooting and he should obviously be owned in all standard leagues. My biggest concern is Russell so I'm curious to see how they mesh since this offensive explosion.
  11. He's everything Anthony Bennett should have been. He is the rich rich rich mans Bennett, and I love his game. His jumper looks weird af but it goes in so all good lol
  12. Prob been the most fun own of the year so far. It's clear that this is becoming his team and I have no concerns of Zion hurting his value. I think he'll finish top 25-30. Also, who said mid range kings can't be successful in the NBA???
  13. He dominated tonight and was the definition of a FT anchor. After losing me week 1 it looks he's about to carry me week 2. He will finish top 3 in fantasy, owners should never panic about this man. He is the best offensive player in the NBA.
  14. Got him for 1$ in auction and have been happy but still need to see what happens when Jimmy Butler comes back before any pats on the back.