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  1. How's his ROS looking now that he might get traded?
  2. Not poor, but not the greatest either. I wanted to grab VanVleet the other day and it was between him, Faried, and JaMychal Green, so Reggie had to go. I like Fred's ROS outlook more, specially as Lowry does his usual post-ASB suckage, Faried is going to have a hell of a month and a half while Capela is out and I'll use that spot to stream after, and I think Green will benefit from Grizzly trades.
  3. Between the recent duds, poor ROS outlook, and 2 game schedule this week, I think he's a drop candidate at this point.
  4. Thanks! On a side note, what do you think of Lyles vs Hezonja? It sounds like Barton will be out longer than Knox so I'm leaning towards Lyles.
  5. Nobody really exciting, just people to stream, but this week I'm set so I'm looking for longer lasting adds and sleepers. Hezonja leaves the wire tonight as well as Monk so he's the other option. I'm planning on dropping Harkless; my second weakest player is Lyles.
  6. Someone dropped Monk and I have dead weight on my roster. Is Malik worth my 8th waiver priority?
  7. Every year I forget whether I get 5 this week and 5 next week or just 5 to last both since we're all up against the same opponents. How is it set up in your leagues?
  8. How about offering Dame and Tyreke for Jokic and Gibson? Since the roto update for Tyreke literally says that trading him requires a patsy, I'm not sure I could even get a mid round guy for him...
  9. Drafted pretty decently and I'd say my only drop that turned out better in the end was Nance Jr. during his long cold streak awhile ago, but injuries set me back a lot. I do stream pretty well though so I've stayed in 3rd and 4th place the entire season. Nobody has been willing to take Tyreke because Yahoo has said "sell high" the entire season unfortunately and Simmons and CP3 are on teams that will defintely not accept fair trades. Jokic I'll look into, what caliber player should I aim for as the second guy?
  10. I'm running a punt PTS/FT% build in a 12 team H2H 9cat league. I was going to say no and counteroffer for Collison instead of Rolo, but with Brogdon out for 6-8 weeks I'm thinking Bledsoe might go up in value (I haven't followed the Bucks so I don't know their situation well). I'd most likely drop Rolo so it'd basically be Bledsoe and Capela for Lillard and DJ. Should I take the offer if the Collison counteroffer isn't accepted, or maybe even counteroffer for a better 3rd player than Collison? I'm leaning towards no to the Rolo deal, but would appreciate some advice. My current squad is: DeAndre Jordan Draymond Green Steven Adams Trevor Ariza Kyle Anderson Tyreke Evans Damian Lillard Joe Ingles Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Wayne Ellington Trey Lyles Tomas Satoransky Darius Miller Boban Marjanovic Wayne Selden Jr. Paul Millsap (IR)
  11. The Woj tweet is what sold me on Boban. Always trust the Woj.
  12. I'm in a 12 team 9cat h2h league and have some fat to cut so my main issue is whether or not I should give up my solid priority.
  13. Should I use my 3rd waiver priority on Nance? In a 12 team league.
  14. This is true. The best team to shop a player is the one you just beat with that player. Selling Reek is going to be harder though because everyone keeps chanting "sell high," so generally you're not going to get quality offers from the proficient members of your league. I think it's highly possible that he stays healthy with his current role though, so unless you get a really sweet deal, I'd hold onto him and ride him until either the end of your season or the end of his season.
  15. Yup couldn't have said it better. Dump him the second he cools down.