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  1. Toe is never good. Worst case scenario I move Ty Hill from my flex and put Ebron in his place. Hope you guys have some options too
  2. I can't ignore those stats. I'm starting Crowder over him in standard. Of course if I bench him, he'll probably go off
  3. This would be the worst case scenario for me. I have one more regular season game then week 15 is the playoffs
  4. He's obviously getting ready for WrestleMania
  5. Thinking about benching him since he's my flex position. No way he gets my TE slot when I have Ertz. Although the week I sit him is the week he probably goes 8/80/1. I can't put him in when I have Ty Hill on my bench
  6. If you were 10th place, you wouldn't give up a WR2? I'd give up a WR1 if I had good depth
  7. Well, I have AJ Green who is probably going to be suspended. And I have McFadden and McKinnon. I doubt this will work though, as people are afraid that he WILL be suspended. But that's a chance a desperate team should make, right?
  8. I'm thinking he'll get suspended starting week 10 and I'll miss having him in the playoffs. Should I trade Zeke to a desperate team? If so, what's he worth? A WR1? Or do I Gamble and keep him anyway?
  9. Bummer. At least he'll be ready after the bye. Give him the extra rest. Luckily I have Engram
  10. This is my thought process. I'm at 7-1 and 8-0. I don't want to drop him just so that anyone else can pick him up. If I can't have him in the playoffs, you can't have him in the regular season.
  11. Sniped? Lol, I picked up Ivory in both my leagues. I still haven't stopped DMC yet cuz who knows what's going to happen. I dropped Smallwood and Snead
  12. You think it's safe to drop DMC? I REALLY want Chris Ivory off waivers
  13. First post for me! I've been lurking since the beginning of the year (didn't know of Rotoworld and've been playing fantasy for 6-7 years now). Anyway, I like your advice. Maybe I have my Zeke shades on, but I don't think he'll get suspended AT ALL at this point. I did pick up both Morris and DMC but after reading your post, I dropped Morris for Dion Lewis. I'm also a disgruntled Gillislee owner who dropped him this week for WR. Also have Ty Mo (who knows what will happen there), so I need the extra security.