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  1. Our league is wierd. 10 team. 8 team playoff. The 2 guys in last have been totally statistically eliminated. They 14 games back from 8th. Commissioner says everyone is getting refunded. I'm way out in front with a 7 game lead over 2nd. I'm pretty annoyed but I'm not going to throw a fit over the $6 difference. Although, I think the correct move would be for those with a higher seed to get more and 8th place to get less and 9th and 10th to get nothing, but I'm probably biased
  2. It's easy to say jordan was the better defender when pippen was guarding the opposing teams best offensive player. Fun fact. Jordan was the 3rd best (maybe) defender on the 96-98 bulls.
  3. Since I am in first place, I am posting non stop gifs about my defacto championship.
  4. I was going to drop but he was in my IR stash and nobody else injured. Glad I didnt, even though I dont think itll matter. I think fantasy is done for the year
  5. They canceled the lakers/clippers game on January 28th. 1 of 9 games that day. Therefore, there is a 1 in 9 chance of the season ending due to corona
  6. Runner here..... we deal with stress fractures pretty commonly in the sport. They sometimes show up in xray, sometimes they don't. A CT would show a stress fracture pretty clearly, but so would an MRI. It depends on how bad it is for how long it would take to heal. Its litterally a broken bone that is only cracked and not all the way through. Running through it will make it crack more and he risks breaking his back.... no I dont think they'll risk bringing him back ASAP for some regular season games
  7. His entire career has been spent on a crowded Timberwolves team. I could easily see him having a huge breakout and having people draft him top 20 next season. Like Oladipo after his first season in Indiana. That is obviously not guaranteed. I could also see nothing changing. I cant really see him taking more shots than he already did and defenses will pay more attention to him
  8. Ugh. I used a waiver claim on him after capela trade and then he only logs 23 minutes and has two points
  9. I'd take the harden side and hope it doesnt get vetoed.
  10. He's only 16th on my leagues settings I feel cheated. Think he'll lose value with bagley coming back?
  11. i would not take that. That isn't selling high
  12. I'd veto every day and twice on Sunday. Hill is a waiver wire guy. He might be worth holding, he might not.... like most top waiver guys
  13. KAT. Itd be different if it were someone that were a shutdown threat