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  1. Your that high on Soto ? If so I’m moving story for a pitcher then
  2. No this makes no sense it’s fantasy let their be trades
  4. Yeah my back up ss is tatis jr. my back up of is Marte. It’s a redraft not a keeper league
  5. Even so why have him so high? He’s definitely a second rounder
  6. You think Juan Soto is the number 4 pick? Explain please
  7. Is this a better trade than story for Cole? I have Marte to replace Soto
  8. I know it’s crazy I feel like there overreacting a bit but the animals acting weird is insane
  9. Still deciding need more opinions. Story is the highest ranked ss in the game
  10. Juan Soto as the 5th pick over mookie? That’s a terrible call
  11. That’s insane where I live there even closing down liquor stores
  12. Sounds good to me I don’t think you should’ve traded Cole though
  13. How is Yelich for Betts an unfair offer? Yelich had 44 homers 30 stolen bases and hit for .329 Betts didn’t come close to any of those things. I think it’s a fair trade the only cat Betts really gives you is runs
  14. I’m not taking arenado over Bellinger