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  1. U think he'll go for 30min soon/next game ? Def doing some nice things for my team this week
  2. Always Just dropped Naz yesterday 😂
  3. He must right ? Oubre out Ayton out... Id like to see a few 30plus point games in a row ! Traded Beal for him 😑
  4. I think hes done... Dropping for Maxi (playoff)
  5. Well my playoffs starts monday sooo yeah
  6. Ofc not... I dont expect anything from him anymore... Wizards will be EXTRA cautious this time around... And thats it... Nooo way he comes close to pre-injury numbers. Week 20-23 Wiz play 4-3-4-4 (15) games... I BET Bryant doesnt play more than 10-12 games due management. Sooo Drop City
  7. Somehow appeared on VW... I'm claiming right away
  8. I dont know about that... At he end of the week hell give you like 5bkls 5stls 20reb 30points... Which is fine