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  1. Good to have him back after 18 weeks... Against Toronto though it maybe a tough returning game for him😕 I may just hold him out for this game first
  2. Well I am playing in a league which playoff starts on 23rd... Just please dont be out of the remainder of season😢
  3. Wanted to hold onto nance but he is such a tempted add for the upcoming weeks🤔
  4. never watched a game of him yet but anyone can tell me he can have potential on boards too? I am leaning on dropping either favors or hart for him😗
  5. Culver can play at 3 too so I guess the mins at 2 and 3 will be splited by beasley culver and okogie?
  6. Everyday I am texting my LM to doubt him of setting up a 3C limit for the league... Could have stashed him if there wasn't a limit but I just couldn't let go of the 3Cs in my team too... Enjoy the ride guys😟
  7. Needed a pg anyway... Would rather hold him despite of my punting cats than seeing him doing damage for other teams.
  8. Same as TJ buckets, I couldn't trade them to get at least equivalent value. I don't know if he is a drop later...
  9. Just won me the steal category and a 5-4 victory for this week!! Hail to thy lord.😁
  10. Not sure why the owner in my league dropped him for kuzma.... I will put my waiver on him and hopefully to grab him (again after missed the hot streak...)
  11. oops... Didnt see any update from espn so... my bad🙁
  12. Um… Whats going on tonight? Is he injured or something? 0 f***ing min?
  13. pretty sure wont be here this season due to WCJ......
  14. Damn fell asleep on my way to office and he got scooped when I checked my fantasy app after arriving...