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  1. Same as TJ buckets, I couldn't trade them to get at least equivalent value. I don't know if he is a drop later...
  2. Just won me the steal category and a 5-4 victory for this week!! Hail to thy lord.😁
  3. Not sure why the owner in my league dropped him for kuzma.... I will put my waiver on him and hopefully to grab him (again after missed the hot streak...)
  4. oops... Didnt see any update from espn so... my bad🙁
  5. Um… Whats going on tonight? Is he injured or something? 0 f***ing min?
  6. pretty sure wont be here this season due to WCJ......
  7. Damn fell asleep on my way to office and he got scooped when I checked my fantasy app after arriving...
  8. as low as being offered jabari parker for him, I will just sit tight and keep waiting a performance like today. Lets go Lauri!
  9. flipped for ayton for my punt ast build... may lost the trade eventually but taking the Zion and ingram situation into account I will do it. Good luck my fellow jrue owner brothers!
  10. true lol the owner countered me with vuc… seems like cant getting on this train now🙁
  11. trying to get him by offering warren.. still getting rejected😥
  12. Any hawks fans or owner of him can tell me more about him? Thinking huerter or hunter as my last guy
  13. Didnt watch too much bulls game so far but I think WCJ doesnt compliment lauri game at all. And lauri should also try rolling in after setting screen instead of popping out to 3 pt line every time
  14. Just wanna express how much of a headache it is from my big men: Vuc, lauri favors, mitch rob... Cant believe holmes is my most reliable big man now lol
  15. Not too sure but it happened right before the half time. The possession that he drived in and seemed to get caught after landing.