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  1. Just traded him for buddy (who I was targeting in the draft anyway). Can't handle the blow outs and injuries, good luck guys!
  2. INJ tagged in Yahoo. Still holding in my 12 teamer
  3. PJ Washington is more than rosterable, especially for a guy you got off the wire. Obviously wouldn't drop OPJ for him but how can you call a potential 1-1-1 trash?
  4. Yeah that's why I'm holding, was pretty close to dropping though!
  5. Not a veto imo, obviously the Jimmy side wins on paper, but the potential for 2nd round value is there for dlo with Curry gone, he was being drafted around the 3rd after all. Could also be a much better fit for their team than Jimmy was.
  6. Got dropped in my 12 teamer so going to use my #1 waiver and bid for him, not sure how much though as his injury history scares me a little.
  7. As per Rotoworld: Last season, Kennard was almost twice as productive as a scorer when BG was on the bench Might be to do with usage possibly, not sure but the stats are there to see from last season.
  8. Dropped Bertans for him (I need more points), looking good so far! Might have to stream him when Blake comes back though, but hopefully he keeps his green light.
  9. What a start! What do you guys think of him ROS?