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  1. Foles has historically made his slot WRs fantasy relevant. Before the season, all the hype was on Foles-Westbrook connection. BUY BUY BUY
  2. #Bengals WR A.J. Green told me the biggest issue now with his ankle is swelling, because once it swells up, his range of motion goes. Was positive about how it felt after Monday practice, but didn't go today and Zac Taylor says he's day by day. Stay tuned. Sounds like he’s either trying to get on the field or he’s making up injury exacerbations to hold out. I side with the former, because AJG is genuinely a good person and teammate who loves football.
  3. To save his a**, the Bears will be running more in this next game. The problem is, Nagy isn’t completely wrong in saying the running game wasn’t working. I know he abandoned the run way too prematurely... but you have to understand, he sees their running game every day in practice (along with the other inefficient games they’ve had running). He also knew the Saints were a run stuffing football team. When he started off the game getting stuffed in the run, he probably thought “I had a feeling this wouldn’t work” and then assumed they had to try and win with trickery and pass plays. I see where’s he’s coming from in that regard. The reason I bring this up as a Montgomery owner, is even though they will run the rock more this week, I’m worried that they really suck at running the football. Trubisky looks awful, so they won’t extend drives through the passing game either. Even worse, teams now know they can shut down the run and not worry about Trubisky beating them through the air. To top this all off, I’m not fully convinced Montgomery is the player we thought he would be. You can see his tenacity and ability to pick up tough yards, but he seems to lack the speed to make up for poor offensive scheming and blocking. And let’s not forget about Cohen stealing a few carries.. oh and Patterson could find a bigger role in the running game. it all really turns me off, and the stars really have to align to make him more than a low end RB3/FLEX, even in his better games.
  4. Should be getting Corty Glenn back and I heard another OL or two..? If they get healthier on their line I would try buying lowww
  5. Wow. After watching that presser, I truly don’t understand how that asshat is an NFL head coach. He is absolutely clueless. Clueless. He doesn’t even know where to begin in righting the ship. He basically said after having runs of 1, 0, 2 yards in the first quarter he abandoned the run because the “pass game was working.” What??? That pass game was not working. Even your best NFL teams don’t abandon the run after a few duds. Let alone teams with an awful, gun-shy QB. The only positive I got out of this is the media harassing him about not establishing the run, and then him stating over and over how it’s unacceptable not getting the run game going. My half glass full mentality will give Monty one more shot.. because he has a solid ROS RB schedule and the Bears literally have to figure out how to run or their season is over. Every game they’ve won the run was established and they fed Monty the rock (posting at least respectable FLEX numbers). One more chance.
  6. Yeah big as in maybe 25-30 yards.. so it would’ve helped his stat line but he still would’ve had a mediocre at best game. Tough to see him with an average-poor stat line in a game where AR sets the world on fire. It was however encouraging to see him start and play most of the game. If Rodgers can continue to play as well as he has been, I could see him having some big games.. esp next week in KC. That is assuming Adams sits. You will be playing roulette with MVS, Allison, Lazard, and Graham moving forward, which isn’t ideal, but Rodgers is slinging it right now. It’s also nice to know that if any one of Adams, MVS, or Allison are out.. this guy is likely to have a role. He is growing in this offense, and in my opinion, he makes this offense more lethal.. especially when Adams comes back. Rodgers owners should be optimistic ROS
  7. Lazard working with 1st team in warm-ups. Fire him up!
  8. And how many times has game flow slowed down the Rams offense?
  9. Even if you told me the highest fantasy producers in this game end up in this order: Gurley, Woods, Cooks, Reynolds I still wouldn't be surprised if Reynolds put up WR2 #s thats how explosive this offense is
  10. Anyone else looking to start him over a lot of other guys "projected" higher than him this week? Plays close to 100% of snaps. Will likely avoid Darius Slay (@Lions), great matchup in a dome, and has already shown high productivity w/ Kupp out.. Folks?
  11. Believe it or not he may be an end of the bench stash just in case he gets picked up by a high powered offense in need of WR. He is talented and capable. As soon as that happens I'm then packaging him in a deal based on the hype that will probably create
  12. The drops probably didn't impress Brady or the coaching/mangement, but I'd be hard pressed to believe they are all of a sudden gonna roll out White for most of the game, ESPECIALLY when they are in the lead, which will be the case more often than not ros. I understand Michel hasn't impressed yet but neither have the Pats in general, especially the o-line's run blocking. Guy was an absolute stud RB at Georgia and the first couple games were essentially his preseason (coming off injury nonetheless). He will be a confident flex start from here on out. If the biggest con on this thread is "White might take over as a full time back", this is something we must not overthink
  13. Anyone else firing him up? The inconsistencies are worrisome, but you'd have to imagine with Gronk out and Hogan banged up he will take on a bigger role. Also he seems to rise up in prime time games for whatever reason. I don't project NE will be able to just pound the rock @ MIA like they did two weeks ago, especially with Gronk out. They will be forced to the air and outside of Cooks and Hogan (who may be limited if he plays), there aren't many/any other options (not including RB check downs).