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  1. I may be overthinking my options here but this is my scenario: Keepers: Kamara & Mahomes Players available when I pick at #3: MT, CEH, Kelce, Derrick Henry, Miles Sanders.... Obvious pick is MT, but then I have alot of my eggs in the Saints basket with an aging QB... CEH is in an excellent situation, alot of my eggs in potent offense, plays Chargers and Broncos 4 times (I consider both great defenses), possible high-end RB1 upside... but has rookie risk... I list Kelce because of position scarcity.. Combo him up with Mahomes Thoughts? Suggestions? Go with the MT and move on?
  2. Seahawks are overrated; I cannot see them being good this year.
  3. I disagree with the notion of waiting to the last 2 rounds to take a solid D. Top D's can be match-up winners. 2017 Jags, 2018 Bears, 2019 Pats/Ravens
  4. Mitch is reliant on Nagy's play calling which was atrocious last year combined with a terrible O-line, almost impossible for Mitch to succeed. Monty is tied to Mitch, will only take a step forward if Mitch/Nagy can take a step forward.
  5. Move Juju up, assuming Ben's health. Thielen will get peppered with targets. Hilton to get the Keenan treatment? I like the possibility there. OBJ somehow underrated, he's 27, had over 1,000 yards last year, RB-RB-OBJ is a solid start
  6. Cam is overrated. Without his legs, he is a below avg QB. With recent shoulder injuries, I am sure he less inclined to run the ball. Same as the Keap argument, media hypes them up to be much better than they are. Given the circus and below avg throwing skills, I am not surprised they are both FAs.
  7. They lost Van Noy, Jamie Collins, Danny Shelton, Elandon Roberts... the McCs and Hightower are 30+, Bills, Jets, Fins all upgraded their Offense, Pats seem to have a questionable Offense to say the least.... recipe for disaster
  8. D/ST's I would take a round early than normal: Buffalo, solid unit / depth; easy sched Balt, scary good Bears, dominant starting unit; lacks depth Denver, 2nd year under fangio, solid starting unit
  9. Why so much love for the Patriots D? Nothing special IMO
  10. OJB is talented.. New offense, I picture the Browns offense to look alot like the Vikings last years - two stud wide outs, TE usage, establish the run. 2019 vikings with better talent.. need to address the o-line still in the draft, but all these factors should benefit OBJ output.
  11. If he is there in the late 2nd or 3rd round, he is worth the gamble!
  12. Witht he offensive minded coaches in place and a terrible defense, I am buying the Panthers offense, DJ - Teddy combo.
  13. Who are your most trusted mock drafters?
  14. So after waivers are processed every day, are we free to pick up players until the games start? Once the games start, players gets locked until waivers are processed again? Thanks for the help!
  15. Can keep two: Realmuto - 7th Kershaw - 7th Tim Anderson - 16th Jaff McNeil - Last round
  16. In my Yahoo league, we are limited to 3 pick ups per week. Once Monday @ 2:30am happens, your pickup # resets. So this leads to guys waking up at 2:30am to get the best pickups available. How do we prevent that?
  17. Any word if he's playing tonight? its been very quiet
  18. Friend of mine from work (from Miami), went to ASU, played for AZ minors for 4 years, grew up playing with Jon Jay CLAIMS Manny told him to sign with The Chicago White Sox so they can play together. I know it is a "friend of a friend" story but I think it holds some merit
  19. I like Lindsey and Hamilton (Robby a close 2nd)
  20. DWILL; i can see the game total being very high.
  21. Wait on Juju news; I am assuming he plays in a likely shootout.
  22. Cousins Cook (featured in Minn O in 1st game with new O Coordinator) Robby (GB D is bad) TE is a toss up, Im leaning Gronk Thanks for mine!