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  1. REALLY wish Jonnu had Firsker's monster game.
  2. Please don't let this nonsense ruin everything.............
  3. This is, and will forever remain, one of the best gif responses I will ever have had the pleasure to experience. Thank you, sir.
  4. How many players who we have never heard of could have been HOFers if coaches knew how to utilize their talents/ they played on better teams?
  5. Prorate his four games over entire season.....120 rec. Wow!
  6. You have to hit your picks regardless of position. If you waited on Mahomes/Lamar and took Drake....Godwin, Julio, Golladay, AJ probably has less wins as these guys have done nothing.
  7. Through week 5 he's 12th in PPR. That's top 12. 7th in carries. 4th in RB targets. On one of, if not THE best, offenses in the league. You can't expect people to believe your idea of reality when mathematical fact easily prove it to be wrong.
  8. '17 - 84 snap count % = 12th > 102/1393/6 '18 - 85 snap count % = 22nd > 97/1196/6 '19 - 88 snap count % = 11th > 114/1199/6 The guy showed up.
  9. Allen played 16 games the last three season.
  10. See, this is actually proof of his offensive genius...... He knows there is a 0% chance of an offense that he runs getting one yard when needed. Analytical mastermind.
  11. Someone who may remember Martavis Bryant.... Did anyone what the game? They were attacking the weakest defender who Claypool was drawing. Anyone see Preston Williams game log. Duds until this week when they peppered him because he drew a poor defender all game. I also see people saying he's better than Juju and Diontae. I'll admit Juju hasn't looked great. Diontae had the best separation rate last year by quite a bit. Separation is HUGE in the NFL. He's very good. Just been getting nicked up. He may have had the blow up if he didn't leave the game. Claypool's a freak. So was Martavis Bryant and he was inconsistent. Ben peppers reliable route runners and it sets up guys like Claypool for some blow up games. If Johnson is out a while the ceiling looks higher for Claypool. If Johnson and Juju are both on the field the 3-30/ 0 catch days will happen more than you will want. If he didn't have the longest play from scrimage his other games were duds. 84 yards TDs are something to rely on. Have him. Will be playing him next week if Chark is out.