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  1. The NFL wants automatons. Most major sports for that matter. Toe the line. Don't ruffle any feathers. ABSOLUTELY don't challenge the official narrative.
  2. Questions about how important football is to an NFL is a character issue.
  3. JaMarcus Russell was done at 24. This with 1st pick draft capital and $31.5M guaranteed. Rosen's entire contract is only $14.6M. He MAY be good enough to start on....4 teams? But chances are would only be seen as a backup....that with questions about how important football is to him. Not gonna get it done.
  4. Is this not believing he's done or laughing at how pathetic he is?
  5. He was for me last year. Played out very well....usually as one of my last picks. Where's he going this year?
  6. If you DARE to draft's O'gun B owale of a bad pick.
  7. Ultimately it depends on what pick you have to even be able to attempt it. Not going to pass on the top 5-6 RBs.
  8. So you'll have two top 10 WRs and no RBs above 25?...draft rank. Trust me....I used this strategy a lot in the early 2000s with much success. It hasn't worked for me the last couple of years. I had two teams last year. One I went Tyreek, OBJ the other I went Zeke and Aaron Jones. Even if I took the two best WRs at the end on the year Thomas/Godwin it still would've been less points.
  9. Hard not to fear Allen Robinson 2.0 disappointment
  10. This strategy was good 5-10 years ago. Now, the elite RBs score much more points than WRs. Plus, the drop off in RBs is quick and sharp. It's not impossible to make work but you'd need to go wait on QB and TE until late in the draft..
  11. 100% documented fact. Argument made. You, on the other hand have yet to present fact or make an argument...You just throw ad hominems. Deflection.Projection. A technique taught by commie Saul Alinski because their is no argument against truth. Pathetic.
  12. Yet...5 of 10 of the tenets. The children who grow up with this "new normal" ...aka commie lite...will be in positions of "authority in 10-20 year. Then, FULL BLOWN.
  13. Literally wrote DIRECTLY from the Communist Manifesto. Easily made correlations. Not ONE theory. THEY are the people who own all the banks, all the media and created/perpetuate Communism.