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  1. Boomers — the generation born roughly between 1946 and 1965 Millennials (born roughly between 1980 and 1996) 2020 - 40 = ?
  2. I'm a 40y/o man and I play more pick up games/ minutes than these entitled, delicate children.
  3. He'll be motivated to get some of the money he lost back and prove he's worthy of another contract.
  4. Carson "I don't play in the playoffs" Wentz
  5. Judge needs to stay on the field to be the MVP. Only played 150 games one year out of three. Stanton's durability is on par with Judge.
  6. Show me where I wrote Brady's arm is finished.......... The point I made was They don't want Brady taking hits.....especially at his age. Less hits, lower chance of injury.
  7. let me break it down for you. Gordon is a deep threat. When you have old man Brady throwing the ball immediately to avoid getting sacked at all costs, you eliminate Josh Gordon's most valuable asset. Deep ball take time to set up. NOT HAPPENING IN THIS OFFENSE. This offense designed to cater to Brady's strengths..... quick, accurate passes. As far as the 'drugs' go...way too complicated for a well trained pet to grasp the significance of simply using the word 'drug' in that context.
  8. Your lack of intelligence and independent thought is staggering.
  9. Starting Mattison over him even if Cook is 100% healthy.
  10. ROS schedule looks brutal. Looking to go Darnold (@Cin, MIA) the Daniel Jones (MIA, @Was) Too cute? Allen's schedule has pretty much been a cake walk this year. I see a high percentage of pumpkin incoming.