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  1. He seems upbeat in this video like without a care in the world lol Usually teams provide injury updates on game days (unless it’s major) and they don’t play until Friday so hopefully we don’t hear anything til Friday
  2. He’s not coming back In my opinion There
  3. Wolves are in a tight battle for 3rd in the lottery w the Hawks and Knicks Kat not coming back
  4. He’s got 3 back to backs coming up in a row (not including this week) and 2 are gonna be during the playoffs Hopefully he gets cleared for at least one of them He’s gonna have to play better to get the big minutes though bc he’s looked better in the box score then on the court. Brooks ended up calling him out for playing soft last night
  5. Didn’t see a Lyles thread if I missed it just delete I’ve lost track of how many fan bases are disappointed w Trey at this point but he has been playing well of late posting top 70 in 9 cat the last two weeks and he could see extra run w Aldridge banged up and Poeltl set to miss 2-4 weeks Spurs also have a great playoff schedule (4/4/3) so he’s someone to keep an eye on
  6. Only played one shift in the second half but it was the last 8:40 He would have finished the game but got pulled along w the others due to the game getting out of hand (which would have gotten him to 20 minutes) At this rate he should be close to 25 minutes by the time playoffs start
  7. First game since he came back from injury where he’s played 2 shifts in the first half
  8. His shot might be legit In his 3 years of college he was a 42.7% 3pt shooter on 5 attempts Coach was raving about him postgame. Should see no less than 30 minutes as long as Simmons is out
  9. W all the injuries piling up and Philly having a 4/4/3 playoff schedule I think he’s definitely worth a hard look
  10. Brooks mentioned moving Ish back to the bench before the game He played pretty well tonight but they’ve now loss 3 in a row so Brooks might be looking to shake things up since they’re slowly fading from the 8th spot I did see them both playing together as well so Napier makes for a speculative add if available
  11. Two straight Ls to two of the worst teams in the league Blew a double digit lead to the Cavs at home and then follow it up w an L to the Bulls all the while getting nothing from Mahimni/Wagner So hopefully they ramp up Bryant quicker than anticipated
  12. Mo played 4 minutes in his first stint (didn’t look good) Mahimni then checked in for the final 4:30 of the half So it’s looking like the same sub pattern for Bryant from his first return where he only plays one stint a half. Which was expected but doesn’t make it less frustrating Plenty of time for him to get acclimated though
  13. Played 8 minutes in his first stint Looked good Subbed in by Mo so they’re going 3 man rotation at C it seems (for now)