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  1. I wish Charlotte had a better playoff schedule but PJ has been a fun player to own. He had issues w foul trouble to start the year but he’s gotten a lot better w that He seems to have a solid floor night to night w the ability to pop for some 20+ points and 3+ threes and 3+ steals/blocks games He’s gonna be someone I target for years to come
  2. Butler and Derozan sound like a locker room blowup just waiting to happen. Butler would need about 2 games to blow up at Demar for his effort/commitment to defense lol
  3. Keep in mind the Wizards have one of the best fantasy playoff schedules They go 4/4/3
  4. A move like this could have some interesting fantasy implications
  5. I doubt anybody gets moved now but w the race for 8th being so close Memphis don’t have games to fck off It also wouldn’t make much sense for them to become buyers at the deadline. The only move left to get better would be increasing Melton’s minutes So I have to imagine that’s what they’re gonna do once they lose a couple of games in a row Or at least I hope
  6. They have an open roster spot so I imagine they'll be looking to add to their depth but in the meanwhile maybe Hartenstein can carve out a 20+ minute role Would love to see him get all the backup C minutes along w some PF minutes Could be brutal for their spacing but f--- it lol
  7. Looks ready to me lol Doubt he plays in both back to backs coming off injury but hopefully he can come back for the Saturday game
  8. This Teague trade can only help his usage rate (unless they trade for another PG)
  9. I seen a stat that said Wiggins drives were down from 17 a game to like 6 since Teague and Napier both been healthy so maybe they want to put the ball in his hands more (along w Culver)
  10. No way the Pacers trade Holiday but does it signal that they’re looking for an upgrade from Napier?
  11. Just realized ESPN gave him C eligibility Yahoo used to be the better option to me because of position eligibility being so **** on ESPN. Looks like they’ve swapped lol
  12. I was wondering how the Spurs were gonna handle his restricted FA coming up Considering how sparse the 2020 FA class is, they might think they wouldn’t be able to retain him So I can definitely see this happening
  13. This would be a great move for them but more importantly for fantasy purposes lol
  14. If this was any other team I'd say this was leaked for leverage. But its the Knicks so I believe it
  15. If PJ was to miss time w this shoulder injury maybe it’ll force D’Antoni to play him more minutes He is listed as a PF Let’s see what kinda quotes come out after the game
  16. Looks like they’re having trouble finding a trade partner Supposedly the Hawks were interested but they don’t want to include a first round pick and now are linked to Steven Adams
  17. Kerr did say after the game it wasn’t just a spot start that it was a reward for the work he has put in and to get some spacing in the lineup WCS/Green was always a bit of a cluster on the offensive side of the ball and from his philosophy Having followed WCS and Spellman to a lesser extent, Spellman has way more offensive potential while providing comparable defense. From a fantasy perspective, Spellman has way more upside because of his ability to make 3's Maybe Steve goes WCS at center and Spellman at the 4 when Green sits so WCS might still get some solid run but everything is trending right for Spellman right now between the two
  18. Young talented center that comes from a winning background and is a really good locker room guy. There's plenty of reasons to want him, and those are the non-X&O reasons - He's a rim running 5 that is probably the best screening big in the NBA and likely is a great compliment to a guy like Trae. His contract also would work okay for them, only the rest of this season and next, and then you can try to re-sign him with his bird rights to whatever value you think he has, and let him go if not
  19. I don’t like going into the weekend w no adds but f--- it lol
  20. Omari Spellman getting buckets on the Clippers
  21. Melton might have had his best game Such an impact player Would have loved to seen him close the game
  22. Myles Turner crosses him on the perimeter and completely twisted him around and immediately grabbed at his ankle lol Played gingerly on it til the Pacers called a timeout after the Bulls went on a run and when they came back Kornet had replaced Gafford