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  1. Who else has Ayton and John Collins on the same team? What's your strategy the rest of the way?
  2. As a Knicks fan, how are you feeling after shipping KP? FAkkkk I hope something happens with Kanter.
  3. I see. But Enes is 25 and KO is 27 lol. Hope it doesn't stay that way
  4. Injured but was bowling in CP3's charity bowling event lol.
  5. Should we start him in the first game with the new squad against the T-Wolves?
  6. It's not even close. Valanciunas is beasting right now, even has 7 threes in the last 5 games.
  7. Was just offered Enes Kanter for Nurkic straight up probably going to pull the trigger. Hurting in FG% and Rebs, thoughts?
  8. was worried about the scoreless 1st half, but the man's got 15 in the 3rd!
  9. Still posted a pretty decent line. He's getting the chances this year.