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  1. Get Tomas Satoransky. He’s playing the suns and has been doing decent with wall out
  2. Lost booker and hardaway. Please no. Those 3 are 99% of my 3s I don’t want Ryan Anderson back on my team please.
  3. Holy hell didn’t see this dudes field goal % before picking him up for steals. Get this trash off my squad jesus.
  4. Just lol if you’re expecting anything besides blocks at this point
  5. He’s still on the side in my leauge. I don’t need points but does he get other stuff? I know he had been struggling but with Blake out will he be good do you think? Only drop would be kent bazemore rn who I just got for steals boost.
  6. Just lol if you don’t think tj warren is gonna reign supreme as the new black hole
  7. As long as you plan on sending mkg to the wire where he belongs after the trade. Being a Turner owner sucks but even on his trash nights he gets you your blocks. Honestly this is a tough one. I feel like myles is the best player in this deal but I just don’t know this season.
  8. Taureen from the beginning of the season. Neither now
  9. Lol I was about to come in here and say hope you made it man
  10. I feel like it’s in the back of his mind cus he keeps shooting but then gettin whistles afterwards. Hope he gets it.
  11. I got Kevin Love as half of my deal for towns. He does the same stuff as towns. Around 20 points and 11 boards and he makes 3s. Even had a few blocks since I got him. He’s basically the kat I thought I drafted.
  12. Alec Burks... seriously. Wish someone on here would’ve made a thread so I knew who he was before he got scooped