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  1. This has a valanciunas type of comeback performance written all over it. I would avoid putting Turner in tonight.
  2. I'm new to the forums and I don't even know how you can find out his league settings. It was a reaction based on standard settings so I agree with your points. For his settings, I retract my initial thoughts and would 100% not take this deal and ride with AD. However, get over yourself and understand mistakes can happen and you don't need to come off as an elitist prick. It's fantasy basketball and most people will ultimately make their own decisions.
  3. Care to explain? In standard you can start 10 at a time per day so he's able to drop people he drafted late with quality starters. I've never heard of starting only 6 players. If that's the case then it really depends on which 6 are his starters. Though, I doubt it matters because he said he would've dropped Noel and TY which are nothing compared to anyone involved in that package.
  4. He's getting Blake Griffin, Jokic, and Bledsoe. I'm sorry but that's ridiculous. It has to be accepted. I don't care which build you're running because these are the types of trades that vetoes were meant for. There's not a player that exists today that's more valuable than the output and depth you gain from those three.
  5. Definitely Ibaka side. Butler will never top his stats last year. PUT IT ON THE BOARD!!!
  6. 2 IR? What a damn luxury. I too own Jonas and am hoping he returns and maintains his elevated gameplay. Take Conley my man. You've got enough on your IR to justify it. Who are the drop candidates?
  7. Covington is a stud. He also prefers to be called King RoCo. I think you could easily build a case to trade Millsap for guards like Jeff Teague or Mike Conley. The key here is obviously hyping up Millsap as buy low and that you're not going to find many 9 cat producing big men like him, which is true. IT is not helping you in an assist focused build man, especially in Cleveland.
  8. Oh that changes things. What's the best available options on your WW? Depending on that this trade is still leaning towards Mike Conley.
  9. Kanter + Warren for Mike Conley? Has a lot to do with your build and team but easily YES! Punt assist? Still yes. I value RHJ over TJ this year based on not being injury prone and his level of use when he's on the court.
  10. Marc Gasol + Gordon is a great package... Keeping KP isn't a bad idea but doing this trade has a lot of upside. Again, highly dependant on build and needs but the two guys he's offering you are 9 cat producers and won't hurt you anywhere. That beats KP alone.
  11. Am I missing something here? Why the hell are we pondering if trading Lamarcus Aldridge, who WILL drop in production once Kawhi returns, for BOOGIE is a good idea? Does it matter who the second person is? Has he mentioned candidates? If he will accept Aldridge + Chandler/Oubre, you take that damn deal and run with it. Don't even look back and go straight to the BANK with that robbery.
  12. Depends on your build. If you're punt assist I would 1000% do the trade then pick up either Danny Green or Kelly Oubre. Danny Green has game altering performances from time to time to win you weeks but Oubre has consistency in minutes and role. I have Green and I can only hope and pray he retains this level of play but with the giant question mark of Kawhi not being in the rotations there's not much knowing until he returns. Do that trade bro, trust me.
  13. Everyone's sleeping on Fournier this year. They don't believe he can keep this up but he's the "go-to" guy and plays heavy minutes. In 9 cat Fournier is putting up first round numbers and he's NEVER cracked this type of output before. This ain't the same Fournier. However, I would only do that trade if it was Fournier + Noel. Don't do it straight up unless Forunier is adding value in areas you need. Which is fg%, ft%, 3's, pts, TO, and hell...even steals man! If those are cats that you are strong in he's only going to make you tougher to beat there.