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  1. straight to locker room holding his shoulder...dedmon wants out of sacramento but kings only options are him or giles...maybe pull someone up?
  2. what. a. headache. can't bring myself to drop bc of the usage...knowing the possibility of him improving his efficiency and being on someone else's roster if i drop is the one thing holding me back. pride be the downfall of my team.
  3. 12 team points league tough decision
  4. holding onto nerlens. chanting surgery, surgery, surgery in my head for adams
  5. it's interesting to see how jrue and ingrams production change when zion returns, personally i'd hold but it's a good trade
  6. serge iblockya has no timetable yet but is "feeling good" and he's sitting on the wire...should i drop noel and snag him in a points league?
  7. Need a big week and can't afford waiting on this man to get minutes...should i drop for NAW, Reddick, galloway, powell, or someone else with potential for big games this week?
  8. somebody in my 12 team pts league dropped...pickup over someone like roco?
  9. update: dropped pj for nunn we back on that train!
  10. i did hahaha he's available rn but idk if i should pick him back up and drop pj or roco in my points league update: i pulled the trigger...welcome back nunn