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  1. The biggest takeaway is that the offensive line was good enough against a top defense, and even better in the running game opening some passing. I thought he was going to get sacked over and over
  2. This wasn't even a 3 rbbc game. I would still buy low at like rb20 level
  3. He is still their best back with pass catching abilities down the field. This game really just proves Drake will take Edmonds role. If they really didn't want him they would of shopped him for a trade
  4. Gronk is defiantly not washed, he looks good when blocking and receiving. This was an off game for the number of targets with some bad throws, but in general he just needs more targets especially near the red zone. He should average at least 1 red zone look a game and is averaging two to four targets less a game than Kelce and Ertz. I do think he is blocking more than normal.
  5. yea I'm thinking standard. Duke should be that 3rd down back and bad gamescript back
  6. Only 9 days later, hope you got Chubb High rb2 already with low rb1 potential
  7. Statistics isn't spelling, neither is some dumb a** meme
  8. I think there is no timeshare, there was a rumor, but that was just speculation. Some coaches don't believe in RBBC like Todd Haley and likely Randy Fichtner/Mike Tomlin. One of the backs will get regulated to the Ridley role and it appears to be Bell unless Conner suddenly struggles.
  9. Based on those statements, Conner's potential, Conners impressive play, Laveon struggling to get back into shape after his previous holdout there is no way that Laveon just takes the role back. If Laveon does not get traded then I believe Conner has the backfield because I think the coaching philosophy is no RBBC. Laveon may take it over if he gets back into shape and Conner struggles.
  10. People's bias with Hyde continue to cloud their judgment. They will go with a switch at RB eventually if Hyde continues to struggle. Hyde is also a high injury risk.
  11. I'm sticking with this bench stash regardless. If Hyde comes out of the game even for a minor injury, which was a 59.1% chance this year based on sports injury predictor Chubb would show his dominance and they would never look back like Mayfield replacing Tyrod.
  12. Best case scenario barring injury, Blount is going to get his carries in garbage time plus goal line work. I do not see him going away based on coach philosophy.
  13. Valdes scantling didn't look noticeably worse than Allison. I think everyone improves after the bye week with some more practice time with Rodgers after being injured so much
  14. I've traded for him just before the game for kerryon, reed. Spreading the ball is the best way to fix Gronk's slump. He was the only real target before this game. With Edelman looking good and Josh Gordon improving you should stop seeing those constant double teams. He is still the no 1 receiver and now has time to rest his ankle and expect to see more games like week 1 and 5.