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  1. Buy low: Diontae Johnson wr3 price, David Johnson low rb2 price, Adam Thielen wr2 price, Josh Jacobs high rb2 price Sell high: James Conner rb1 price
  2. For a "three down back" that gets benched for Gio in passing downs when the team will be down all season with a bad offensive line. I'd rather have David Johnson
  3. He is going over the same problem Amari Cooper had. He won't throw deep or sometimes his throws are off. Since Ruggs doesn't run many of the short routes he's going to be really inconsistent probably giving him only low wr2/high flex potential.
  4. So he tore/sprained his mcl so the injury can vary from a few days/one week grade 1 or at worst grade 3 4-8 weeks. He looked alright walking away so I wouldn't expect the worst.
  5. Before fumble Jones 48% Fournette 28% After fumble Jones 26% Fournette 58%
  6. Sell High - Odell Beckham He just won't ever get the volume he did with Eli on this run first offense with a bunch of other weapons and Mayfield being very irratic
  7. Burrow looked really good. The main problem with AJ was drops and you just don't get old and forget how to catch, see Larry Fitzgerald. He will have better days with that target share and with the Bengals bad defense.
  8. We have reasons to think he was. He yelled to the coach on the sidelines and never came in afterwards. He also never appeared to hurt his ankle in the game. Finally usually when recovering from an ankle injury you don't go from no practice to full practice in a single day.
  9. People complaining about not enough carries don't understand that the main problem this game was Tom Brady. If this offense isn't that great he just isn't going to provide RB2 value. It's going to be hot hand it looks like this season.
  10. The biggest takeaway is that the offensive line was good enough against a top defense, and even better in the running game opening some passing. I thought he was going to get sacked over and over
  11. This wasn't even a 3 rbbc game. I would still buy low at like rb20 level
  12. He is still their best back with pass catching abilities down the field. This game really just proves Drake will take Edmonds role. If they really didn't want him they would of shopped him for a trade
  13. Gronk is defiantly not washed, he looks good when blocking and receiving. This was an off game for the number of targets with some bad throws, but in general he just needs more targets especially near the red zone. He should average at least 1 red zone look a game and is averaging two to four targets less a game than Kelce and Ertz. I do think he is blocking more than normal.
  14. yea I'm thinking standard. Duke should be that 3rd down back and bad gamescript back