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  1. What do yall think? Hopefully the all star break gives him some time to get out of his funk
  2. True but it all depends on your build. His value lies mainly with his stocks and sprinkle of 3s. Heck, maybe he might start getting some play-making responsibilities with Napier gone.
  3. Last year in 18 starts, he averaged 15.9/2.6/1.6/0.7/0.2 shooting 55/50(!)/93.8 in 31 minutes. There's definitely more to be seen here and I'd definitely add just to see what kind of role Minny gives him right out of the gates. Just pray DLo doesn't come to town before the trade deadline.
  4. Not going to hurt to add him just to see how his role evolves without Napier. I believe they still have a hole at SF so hopefully Beasley and him take up different positions.
  5. Testing my patience, don't think a trade will even save his value
  6. Can we please give our boy Jrue some help?! Tonight's loss was painful...
  7. Looks like a lot of people dropped Wagner for Clarke. So did I, 😁. Let the good times roll
  8. New reports suggest he's closer to returning in early 2020, most like January. What a bummer.
  9. Will he play in the upcoming back to back? Is he cleared or strictly under minute restriction?
  10. Very unlikely he plays Monday but if all goes well, I expect him to play at least one game of the back to back on the 11/12 because they're off until the 18th after that.
  11. Losing minutes to Lonnie Walker now... sigh
  12. Nice game so far, 27 points! Can Wagner sit every game?