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  1. I have him. He's riding the pine this week. Yes, his last couple of games were game winning. But since then, he's lost two of the best receivers in the game. No Evans, no Godwin, a fractured thumb? There comes a point when a player becomes to risky to play and IMO, this week was it. Of course I could be wrong and Winston may still end up being the right choice. It all depends on how Brees does tomorrow.
  2. I'm curious as to how much player turnover teams experienced during the season, particularly for those who successfully managed their squads. I am fortunate enough to be playing for the championship, but looking back I am shocked to realize that only three players are left from my original squad (Chubb, Dalvin, and Brees). At 3/15, that's only 20%. I wonder if most successful teams drafted well, trade actively, or work the waiver wire.
  3. I'd go DEN. When in doubt, go with the team playing at home.
  4. I'd play Mahomes. Fractured thumb, no Evans, no Godwin? Winston has been on fire lately, but that's just too much risk for me to stomach in the championship round. Your second dilemma is more problematic. Talk about paralyzed by choice. I'd probably choose Lockette, AJ Brown, and AP.
  5. So confused. It's championship week and I can't believe how hard this decision is. Which two out of these three? Cook/Mattison/Boone or DeAndre Washington or Anthony Miller?
  6. That's crazy talk. Chubb wants the rushing title.
  7. Oh him. I thought you meant someone else and your phone misspelled the name.
  8. Hell of a time for Cook to get hurt. I'm down 33 going into Monday night. Now I just need Brees to outscore Mack by that many.
  9. Rolled with Brees and Winston all season. Still tilting from last week's games, I benched them both and started Fitzmagic instead. 😭 One and done! Or so I thought. Hunter Henry and AJ Brown combined to give me a 25 point lead after the afternoon games. Now all I had to do was survive SNF with my opponent still having Russell Wilson and Zuerlein left to play. 😳 Absolutely best case scenario. The Rams shut down the Seahawks, giving me the win and the Niners the inside track to the #1 seed!
  10. The Curse of 370. CMC is on pace for 400 touches this season. What a waste, the Panthers will have prematurely worn out their best player for no reason. 😖
  11. He's on pace for a 400 touch season. I'd be wary of him next year. What's that bad juju number? The curse of 370? There is a correlation between giving a running back such a large workload and his reduced effectiveness and production the following season. A 370-touch campaign seems to prematurely wear down a back, and has long term ramifications. Only LaDainian Tomlinson has followed a 370-touch season with an even better one. In all likelihood we are watching the best season of CMC's career.
  12. I doubt that. If the Bengals truly believed AJG would be out this long, why didn't they put him on IR? Chalk it up to organizational incompetence.
  13. Guess who has Andrews on his bench and decided to flex Breida instead?
  14. Not looking good for this week. The Saints just signed Zach Zenner.