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  1. Started Zeke and chubb over Jamaal Williams and CJ anderson. Lost the championship
  2. Looks like he's gonna play per chris Mortensen https://mobile.twitter.com/mortreport/status/1076859509333733381?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  3. It should always go to bench points in case of a tie. Having a higher seed doesn't mean anything. I beat the 1st seed last week who was coming off a bye and I'm the 5th seed. Also I'm #1 in total points. Tie breaker in the playoffs should go to bench
  4. Too risky right one. Have no idea who will get the carries. I picked up both though 😂 I'm probably gonna roll with jamaal or damien this week at flex
  5. Prediction: Gurley stays home to play RDR2
  6. Probably eating an egg mcmuffin at McDonalds
  7. Wonder how the share will go if Gurley is out
  8. If Julio is out I'm firing this boy up! I don't give a damn it's the championship!
  9. He only needs 360 recieving yards to match his highest of 1871. And he had 300 in a game last year against the panthers