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  1. I have both booker and Ingram and wouldn’t trade either for Beal straight up let alone both. Deal will definitely be vetoed.
  2. Half ppr league. J Jacobs, Hilton or Allen Robinson?
  3. How much for desean Jackson and hockenson in 10 teams league?
  4. If u are trying to win your league, u will have to gamble and hold. U will get pennies for him right now. Even with random dnps, he ll be better than what u can get in a trade. Go big or go home. Really a boom or bust situation.
  5. He has the most value with the rockets. Having CP3 and Harden improve his value. I don't see him having much value anywhere else.
  6. Different players...depending on what you need but both are solid.
  7. With Teague and rose returning, it is worth holding him?
  8. I love fox and have him on multiple teams but in 2 yrs he won’t be even close to kemba let alone the top tier pgs. He ll be a nice borderline all star but don’t think he can reach superstardom. His ceiling just isn’t there.
  9. Randle is stealing mirotics mins. No one is touching bookers. Booker also have higher ceiling.
  10. Which side do you like more? Harden/ayton or Wb/Drummond?
  11. which 2 would you start out of the 3? Reggie Jackson Tyreke Evans Marvin Bagley