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  1. Wouldn't surprise me if the entire NFC east goes winless against AFC north
  2. Trubisky is probably a better option than Rivers at this point smdh
  3. Useless. Time to stream TE's yet again.
  4. Couldn't imagine spending a 1st/2nd rd pick on LJ with all of the QB's lighting it up this year. Don't know if this has to do with his knee (didn't catch the game) but another disappointing showing nonetheless
  5. Jeez, that was hard to watch. Guess he needs to play with Brady or Brees for some good production
  6. Really hoping we get to a point where we can start at least one Ravens RB with confidence this season
  7. I guess I only have myself to blame with fooling myself into thinking Mixon would be a good pick this year
  8. 🙌 Finally in a decent situation with a coach knowing how to use him.
  9. Absolutely garbage. Was hoping for a sell high window at some point but doesn't look like we'll even get that
  10. Brutal slew of injuries derailing my playoff hopes yet again. Payton and Kemba getting injured DURING the all star break along with Clarke, Draymond randomly getting injured again, and Jimmy having multiple nights off for personal reasons...