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  1. One step at a time, my Cleveland baby thug.
  2. Got a bad knee? Walk on snow. Got a fever? Go out into 0 degree fahrenheit. This foo needs to be chillin at home watching Netflix with his leg propped up drinking hot chicken noodle soup or something.
  3. Let me tell you the difference. One is a guard and the other is a center but both names sound like a cock.
  4. Did this guy take performance enhanced drug last night or something? Jeesus yes I am playing against him!
  5. Are the Pelicans giving us a “sneak peak” of the future like Nuggets with Porter Jr.? #reborn #secondlifenotsecondstring
  6. The 7 things are- 1. kat 2. is 3. being 4 a 5. lil 6. f$cking 7. b$tch
  7. He has been so close to return for so long that if I were the coach, I'd bench his a$$ on the day he returns for being a lil b$tch.
  8. He can finish that box (of chicken) real fast too.
  9. At this rate #katsabitch will start trending if not already. Fxck!