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  1. How is stashing unfair if EVERYONE is allowed to do it? I find the INJ block unnecessary and borderline control obsessive.
  2. Watch players start exaggerating their injuries to avoid games lol.
  3. SA has 4 games in week 23 if that makes you feel better.
  4. Believe me, you got someone else worth dropping than Ben Simmons. Look deeper.
  5. Lmao that step back looked like it took 2 secs off the clock. This also shows despite Whiteside having a monster fantasy season, he still can a defensive liability when facing an opposing center with a versatile game. With that said though, Baynes ranked top 20 in the early season when Ayton first went down, the guy is money. For some reason just slowly faded due to injury and minutes. Yes, unselfish, can spread the court and really efficient. GS style.
  6. It's all about KAT's ironman mentality and Wolves advertisement for next season- what's to come with DLO and KAT (BFF). Due to that, he will return. And yes, this is just my opinion and I am not a "told you so" kind of guy, just wait.
  7. The game before the 3 game run he had 8 blocks man! Make that 4 in a row!!! #hesbaaaaack
  8. Jordan "who-has-never-seen-a-shot-he-doesnt-like McRae, who reminds me of a smaller Antoine Walker. At 6'5 I think this might be a Devin Booker shut down filler. Bridges has the SF position locked up unless he is moved to PF and go complete small ball. Don't see any value here with Cam Johnson healthy at the wing too.
  9. Seriously though, either affects Bowman or Lee, with Wiggins moving back to his SF position. I think Lee starts next to Steph and also I don't see Steph finishing out the season in the last few weeks. So if you have Lee and has a secured seed in the playoffs, he can shine but not as much as now. Hope this helps.
  10. Respectfully ask if the league a 2 teamer.
  11. Is the Suns medical team getting a second opinion on their second opinion? WTH is taking this long????