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  1. I’m in a roto league 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Nah, you overreacted. 27 at the half and 1 point in the second half. You’d be insane not to make a passing comment on how he was shutdown for the remainder of the game.
  3. Low key been trash for a hot minute. The FTs are ugly. He’s costing me there.
  4. Yeah I reject this jinx. None of us claim this, in the name of the Lord 🙏🏼 You do you CP, I’m wishing you steady work. Keep getting it old man.
  5. Regression of what? Minutes? This is minutes related, not ability regressing back to averages 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Yeah, the issue is we probably drafted him for 25ppg on elite FTA. He’s been underwhelming for the scoring totals, but delivering with other counting stats.
  7. If you took him after 20-25 and he’s giving you top 12 value, I’d say you did OK, despite the scoring.
  8. I reckon they go with what’s working. They’ll just run more of a pick and roll game with Sabonis/Oladipo, leaving Turner as the occasional perimeter pick and pop option. No reason he can’t be a stronger interior presence and rebounder though, just no excuse. It really is annoying to not get any blocks from him. Dude’s scoring comes and goes, but he really needs to be an anchor on blocks for him to have any value. Same as BroLo, except BroLo delivers on blocks when he’s getting those ugly 8pts 3reb games.