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  1. Eff me this sucks. Good thing I pivoted to punt PTS last month and he was becoming less valuable without the steals and blocks. But still, sucks big time.
  2. Great game. Put his big boy pants on today.
  3. Agreed. Can’t attribute everything to “it’s just a joke”. Joke wasn’t even funny 😵
  4. Pathetic half — wake up Fox 👏🏼
  5. Wow, the jinx is real. Nah, he could have a really bad time out there... Getting a monster DD on crazy triples is so unlikely... /reversejinx ❤️
  6. Wish DeRozan got shipped out. Dejounte would be so much more valuable.
  7. He has 2pts at the half. Hate the Suns man. Idiots.
  8. Sexton was in foul trouble (3 fouls Q1), but if Drummond is calling for the ball all the time then sure, yeah 🤷🏻‍♂️ Fingers crossed b.
  9. I believe he’s real too... but for the sake the rest of the owners, I’m gonna bless y’all with the reverse jinx. Devonte’s breakout season is TBD. Meh. Doubt he can give us more 20/10 DDs on crazy triples again. Rozier is the man. /reversejinx
  10. Miss this guy so much b. Would’ve locked up the league if he was still playing.