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  1. PPR league with 6-points for passing TD's. I'm down 30 points with Adams and Cousins going up against Aaron Jones. I would have had this wrapped up if I would have played Drake over Zeke.
  2. I'm in the championship with only three out of fifteen that I drafted. Through waivers and trades, the only drafted players still on my team are McCaffrey, Kelce and Amari Cooper.
  3. 10-team, PPR, superflex league, with 6-pts for passing TD's, and 2-pt bonus for 300 yards passing and 100 yards receiving/rushing. QB: Watson RB1: McCaffrey RB2: Elliott WR1: Adams WR2: Parker TE: Kelce Q/R/W/T: Minshew K: Gay D/ST: Ravens Bench: A. Cooper, Chark, Perriman, Drake, 49ers D All my wheeling and dealing in this league has gotten me to my first championship matchup in my 8th year in this league. Hoping to finally win it.
  4. I would probably go with Jimmy G. The 49ers are passing more, and the recieving corps is much better, now.
  5. I'm in a 10-team PPR league, with 6 points for passing TD's, and a 2 point bonus for 300 yards passing, or 100 yards receiving. We start 2 WR's and have a superflex, where everyone mostly starts a 2nd QB. I had a bye last week with the best record, but have never finished in the money. My starting QB is Deshaun Watson, but the other two on my roster now are Kyle Allen and Gardner Minshew. My available WR's are Davante Adams, Amari Cooper and Devante Parker. Which 2 receivers should I start? Should I start one of the QB's in the superflex, or risk starting the 3rd WR in that slot?
  6. I'm up 30 points, with the Baltimore D going against the Rams D and Zuerlein.
  7. I think I would stay with Hunt. I'm still not sure about McLaurin with Haskins at QB, and Jeffrey is never healthy.
  8. There's also a +2 for 100 yards receiving. Amari Cooper @ NE Davante Adams @ SF DJ Chark @ TEN
  9. It's tough to find a totally reliable TE that would be worth giving up Godwin. You would need to get a good WR to pair with a reliable TE, else you would weaken your receiver corps. I would stick with Godwin and Ebron unless you get a deal that blows you away.
  10. I was just offered Thielen for DJ Chark in PPR. With Thielen's hamstring and Foles coming back for the Jags, which would be the better choice for playoffs. I'm in first at the moment, and this would be for my WR2, to start alongside Amari Cooper.
  11. It would be a combination of one of Philip Rivers or Josh Allen, plus one of Julian Edelman or Amari Cooper.
  12. I'm in a PPR, super flex league with passing TD's worth 6 points. I am in first at the moment with this roster: QB: Rivers RB: McCaffrey, Elliott WR: Edelman, A. Cooper TE: Kelce Q/W/R/T: Josh Allen Bench: QB: Kyle Allen - RB: J. White - WR: Chark, A.J. Green, Marquise Brown, (empty roster spot) His roster: QB: Watson RB: Kamara, D. Montgomery WR: Jeffery, Landry TE: Olsen Q/W/R/T: Carr Bench: QB: Mayfield - RB: Michel - WR: Boyd, Sanu, N. Harry - TE: Everett Would it be worth it to give up one of my starting QB's plus one of my starting WR's for Watson, or should I stick with this roster for the season? The only other options at QB not rostered are Fitzpatrick, Finley and Brandon Allen.