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  1. In my 10-team, PPR, Superflex league, I just traded away Aaron Rodgers, Mark Ingram and Melvin Gordon for Ezekiel Elliott and Curtis Samuel. My roster now is: QB: Philip Rivers WR: Amari Cooper WR: Julian Edelman RB: Christian McCaffrey RB: Ezekiel Elliott TE: Travis Kelce Q/W/R/T: Josh Allen K: TBD DEF: Green Bay Bench: Kyle Allen, Marquise Brown, AJ Green, Curtis Samuel, James White, Darwin Thompson (will drop for K)
  2. 10-team, PPR, 2 QB, with passing TD's worth 6 points. I'm in 1st at 2-1 and the other guy is at 1-2. He was just able to get Dak for Ertz in another trade, but he just offered the following: I would get Adams and Jeffrey for Rivers, Edelman and Melvin Gordon. My roster: QB: Rodgers, J. Allen WR: A. Cooper, Edelman RB: McCaffrey, Ingram TE: Kelce K: TBD DEF: Green Bay Bench: Rivers, Kyle Allen, Hollywood Brown, AJ Green, M. Gordon, J. White, D. Thompson His roster: QB: Dak, Bridgewater WR: Adams, Boyd RB: Conner, Mack TE: Waller K: Gostkowski DEF: Chicago Bench: Cousins, Brees, Jeffery, Hardman, McCoy We are only allowed to roster 3 QB's, so I trade/drop one of them. If Gordon is coming back soon, should I just straight reject or what would be a fair counter? Thanks.
  3. I'm in a 10-team PPR, 2-QB league with passing TD's worth 6 points. For some reason, Malcolm Brown is still available as an FA. My roster: QB: Rodgers, Rivers RB: McCaffrey, Ingram WR: Cooper, Edelman TE: Kelce K: Gould D/ST: NO Bench: Josh Allen, James White, Melvin Gordon, AJ Green, Will Fuller, Desean Jackson Who should I drop? I took Gordon in the 10th round, but should I go ahead and ditch him right now?
  4. Which WR should I start next to Mike Evans for my semi-final: Kenny Golladay @ BUF Corey Davis @ NYG Dante Pettis vs. SEA Also, would it be too cute to start Jaylen Samuels over Zach Ertz at TE? It looks like Conner will not play, but it would be hard to start any TE over Ertz.
  5. I would go with Lindsay. He has more chances for TD's.
  6. I have Rodgers and the Bears defense also, and was going to ask the same question. The only two viable QB's out there, though are Mariota or Tannehill. Would either of those be better choices?
  7. I picked up Pettis. I was leaning his way, especially since I'm a Niners fan. I don't know why he wasn't picked up, yet. I guess all the other playoff teams had their receivers set. This is a league, where I picked up Lindsay, Breida and Adrian Peterson (who I used in the trade to get AJ Green) off waivers, when they were inexplicably dropped.
  8. I think that Thomas would be the choice for this week.
  9. Playing in the semifinals, after having a bye in a 10-team, ppr league with a super flex, and six points for passing TD's. Lineups consist of QB, 2 RB's, 2 WR's, TE, Q/W/R/T, K and D/ST. I lost Hunt and AJ Green, and I need to pick up a WR2 for my first playoff matchup. I have been playing Golladay, but lately he's been giving me less and less. I also lost my waiver bid for Damien Williams to my opponent. My team: QB: Goff, Rodgers RB: Chubb, Lindsay, Breida, Ware, J. Samuels (TE eligibility) WR: Evans, Golladay, Sutton, Godwin TE: Ertz, Goedert K: Zuerlein D/ST: CHI Opponent's team: QB: Mahomes, J. Allen, L. Jackson RB: D. Johnson, A. Jones, Damien Williams, K. Johnson WR: D. Adams, R. Woods, A. Cooper, J. Edelman TE: I. Thomas, C. Uzomah K: Butker D/ST: JAX The 2nd place team dropped Corey Davis, but he won't come off waivers until Saturday. Other possibilities: D. Westbrook vs. WAS A. Jeffery @ LAR K. Stills @ MIN D. Pettis vs. SEA Any help on which direction to take. WHIR.
  10. Just lost by 0.56 points, thanks to Rodgers overthrowing that last TD pass and Bailey missing 2 FG's. Why did Zimmer go for it on 4th and 2 with a short attempt? This is why I held on to Legatron through his bye week.
  11. I also need 36, in ppr, but from Jeffery and Ertz.
  12. I would start Chubb over Duke. Who else do you have at RB?
  13. I think this would be a good deal. I think Sanders will bounce back from the past two weeks, and still should see a lot of targets. MVS is the more home run threat, but Sanders is a good pickup in PPR. Murray and Davis are both backups that will put up points when the starter is out. Thanks for the help on mine. I just pulled the trigger on the deal.
  14. Gurley side is the choice. With Ingram, Kamara gets a chunk of his possible points taken away. The difference between OBJ and Evans is not enough to overcome having Gurley.
  15. I concur with what everyone else has said. I wouldn't overthink it.
  16. I would go for Newton or Luck. I feel like Brees will have more games where the running game will punch it in.
  17. Today is the trade deadline in this 10-team PPR league with super flex and 6-point passing TD's. There are also 2-point bonuses for 100 yards rushing/receiving. I traded for AJ Green and he got hurt the first game I had him. My roster, at the moment: QB: Rodgers, Goff RB: Hunt, Chubb, Lindsay, Coleman, Ito Smith, Ware WR: Evans, Green, Golladay, MVS TE: Ertz K: Legatron DEF: Bears I would be giving up Tevin Coleman for Alshon Jeffery. I am in first place, at 8-1. Should I do this deal?
  18. You don't need Chubb with that RB corps you have. I would definitely do this deal.
  19. I traded for AJ Green, and got one game out of him before getting injured. I am in 1st place at 8-1, but am unsure of my WR corps without Green for a while. This is a ppr league, with a super flex and 6-point passing TD's: QB: Rodgers, Goff RB: Hunt, Lindsay, Coleman, Ito Smith, Chubb WR: Evans, Green, Golladay, D.J. Moore TE: Ertz, Cook(bye week fill-in; will drop) K: Zuerlein D/ST: Chicago Should I give up Chubb or Coleman to try to get a WR2, or tough it through with the receivers I have? I wish that Golladay could get the targets he was getting earlier in the season. I'm scared of getting 10 combined points from the position, like what happened this week.
  20. One time, Stafford had him wide open up the sideline, and totally missed the throw. I believe it would have been a pretty good gain.
  21. For a while, he had 6 targets without a catch. I know that the pick that Fitz threw in the beginning, was intended to go to Evans. Luckily I have survived this week without his points.
  22. I'm hoping this discipline for Gordon limits his opportunities. I am only up 12.52 points in full ppr with only him left for my opponent, thanks to that late TD for Theilen last night.
  23. I'm up 37.42 points in full PPR with only his Kamara left. There's also a two-point bonus for either 100 yards rushing or receiving. Hopefully Ingram takes just enough touches to not let AK get close to 40.