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  1. With Rubio and Exum both out, would you drop Tyler Johnson for Neto?
  2. I mean both Kanter and Harrell have been balling lately...but perhaps my expectation for Kanter is a bit high..? Not interested in Harrell's FT%...
  3. I'm worried NYK will eventually go into the youth movement so I am trying to sell high on Kanter now, who are some realistic ideal targets? who wins the following? [ ] Kanter vs. [ ] Jarret Allen [ ] Kanter vs. [ ] John Collins [ ] Kanter vs. [ ] Joe Ingles [ ] Kanter vs. [ ] Malcolm Brogdon [ ] Kanter vs. [ ] Otter Porter Jr. [ ] Kanter vs. [ ] Deandre Jordan [ ] Kanter vs. [ ] JJJ
  4. I agree with the previous comments - Lonzo and Ingles are sneaky good for fantasy imo.
  5. Thanks guys for the input, let's see how this plays out. Gallo is still balling out and I expect Jabari's line to be crazy for 2 more weeks as well.
  6. Good point, thanks for getting back. I ended up taking Gallo + Parker for Horford + Vanvleet - Trying to sell high on both Gallo and Parker because of Gallo's injury risk and I think Parker's numbers will go way down once Dunn and Lauri return.. Horford is also a risk because Boston has a lot of mouths to feed on the offense.. but I think I will take the deal? Love to hear your thought on this deal too.
  7. Gallenari + Jabari Parker for Otto Porter + Josh Hart Who says no??
  8. I don't think i can make this pickup simply because I don't think he's going to play much tomorrow against a fast houston team..
  9. I don't understnad why he wouldn't be motivated. This is a guy playing for his next contract, dude is trying to get paid.
  10. Do you drop Marvin Williams or Jamychael green for DJA?
  11. Julius Randle + Tyreke Evans for Ingram + Jarrett Allen Which side do you like better? And do you see a Tyreke for Allen straight up trade happening?
  12. Sitting in 2nd place right now but recently just lost Cousins, and losing value/production in Tyreke with a trade coming.. Wondering who you would rather pick up: Marquesse Chriss, Alex Len or Marvin Willaims. Not much talent out there as I hesitated too much not picking up Harrison, Brooks, or Allen... Thanks for your help!
  13. Is this guy still worth anything in a 14 leaguer? With the trade deadline approaching, will his value go up or down?
  14. Out again tonight. I want to hold in a 14-team league with Monroe out of the picture but it's getting so tough...
  15. This means Marcus Morris takes a hit in value, correct? Shame because he was starting to ball out for a bit...
  16. Would you guys use no.1 waiver in a 14 leaguer for Chriss? And you'd be dropping Alex Len for him...
  17. I'd keep Ingram, I can see his stats going up after the trade deadline
  18. trying to decide Selden or Harrison... what do you guys think?