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  1. KC has decent pass defense but curious others thoughts?
  2. Daks injury concerns me a bit but also has the weaker matchup. I figure Ten will be playing from behind most of the game so def throwing with Henry not expected to suit up. What’s the play here?
  3. Mostert plays in 4 hours which further complicates the matter.
  4. This is such a risky play that could for some win your league or lose it. Wouldn’t be a huge deal if it wasn’t the very last game of the week. I have both Mattison and Boone stashed but if both active there could be so many different outcomes.
  5. I don’t think there is a chance Mattison plays either but lose all fallback options considering it’s a Mon night game. For some this could be the decision which decides SB Champion vs runner up.
  6. I was all aboard the Boone train but clarity of that whole situation unfortunately might not come until later than I am willing to risk considering they are Monday night. With Mattison “trending the right way” we might be in a timeshare between Boone/Mattison. The safer play might be at this point Mostert.
  7. With the uncertainty of whether or not who plays between Boone/Mattison or both would you pivot to Mostert? PPR league.
  8. PPR Flex Help. Need to pick 2 out of those 3
  9. Is he worth the start in PPR or look elsewhere..curious how many owners are rolling him out? Not many other options for my alternatives either Sterling Sheppard or the likes of Beasley.
  10. Two separate decisions for different leagues: 1) Prescott or Tannehill? 2) Cousins, M Ryan or Goff?
  11. I like the matchup for Philly this week (although I liked theirs for the past two weeks and disappointed) but thinking of dropping for Seattle mainly for the Week 16 matchup. Good move? Trying to look ahead my only other option for Week 16 at this point is LAC vs OAK.
  12. Gotta go with volume and it’s an easy decision of Carson for me. Honestly think it might be more of a Darell Williams day more so than Shady but just a hunch.
  13. Hesitant to start him today because I fear decoy or aggravation of injury. Might decide to shy away not sure yet.
  14. Who to start? Worried Hill might be limited on his first game back to some degree.
  15. Honestly don't think he returns to a true workhorse back with the Chargers when he finally returns. Not to mention it will take at least two weeks to get up to speed and back in football shape. I believe at that point, it will be a RBBC for the duration of the season once he gets back.