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  1. Personally I think the month off is gonna pay off for him the 2nd half of the season. He's getting up there and in age and was probably running on fumes after FIBA. The other Raptors may have been putting up decent numbers while Marc was out but they weren't necessarily playing winning basketball...over the past week or so the Raps lost a bunch of close games down the stretch (3 to be exact and 1 ugly blowout to the Heat). As someone earlier mentioned, he might be playing for his final big contract in a very, very weak FA class. Add the fact that he's been working with Spanish trainers over the past month makes him seem poised to inch closer to a cautiously optimistic top 80-90 range. That being said, I'm punting FG% and still don't hate the idea of letting Gasol go if a really intriguing pickup comes up. Hope he balls out and makes me hang on ROS
  2. I'd take it honestly. Wiggins has shown enough so far and Markkanen's ceiling is meh. Depending on your settings CHI playoff schedule is bad too
  3. Marcus Morris, Dejounte or Devonte prob. At the moment at least, Luka is returning high end first round value so
  4. I've got a couple trade scenarios on the table Embiid straight up for Dame OR Embiid for PG // Embiid+Lavine for PG and Lowry. What would you guys do? Trade for one of the 3 packages or stand pat?
  5. Not that familiar with points leagues but Hayward (if you can afford to stash), Wiggins (never thought I'd say that), and Bojan seem to be acquirable targets that might help. Help with mine?
  6. Title. Embiid has just stated he will play the B2B this week so he might be trending up. Have offer of Dame. Would you guys take it or no?
  7. I think once Boylen realizes his 3 guard lineups are trash they'll revert to the Lavine system that won them a ton of games to end last year. Sato's ceiling is super limited, probably wouldn't target him in any trade. Someone like Devonte Graham would intrigue me more