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  1. In a punt FG% build I'm torn on what to do. Currently roster the two Bulls but they have a 3/3 schedule in my playoffs while Shabazz recently became a starter and has a 4/4...Thoughts? Post link for help in return
  2. The lack of self awareness is astonishing. Love to see two of the board's most notoriously bad posters going at it lmao
  3. Personally think he's worth a flyer. Today's game was over in the 2nd and there was still uncertainty about his role. What do others think?
  4. I have both. Think I would prefer Bertans but in my league Pistons have 2 fewer games first week of playoffs so it's even closer for you. Really would depend on needs I think
  5. Background: 12 team, 8 CAT, Money league. In parentheses are rankings. So, I was talking to a league mate of mine yesterday about trading my Lowry (27th) and Gasol (125th) for Middleton (32th) which was turned down. Not an hour later, he trades Kawhi Leonard (4th) and Fred Vanvleet (28th) for Butler (23rd)...Dragic (111th)...and Duncan Robinson (143th) with the COMMISSIONER. Of course there was an uproar in our league and people vetoed the trade. But with a early precedent set in which people vetoed a Lavine for Derozan trade (for reasons still unknown) that the Commish pushed through, he insisted that as long as there was no collusion (and he claims there isn't here), all trades will go through. He then manually processed the trade, picked up a waiver and set his lineup for the day. Any thoughts as to how to approach this situation?
  6. Are we just not gonna get an estimated timeline of his return? lol
  7. He has very solid mid round value for anyone punting FG%. Try and sell him to the team with one of the lower/lowest FG%s in your league, might have better luck that way!
  8. At this point in the season unless you somehow got him off the wire idk why anyone not punting FG% hasn't already made a move. I'm punting FG% and love this guy tho, very intelligent ball player.
  9. Feels bad man. Is there any info yet as to the severity?
  10. Here's an interesting one. Would you guys consider Mitchell? 4-4-3 for me, 4-3-4 for most of you.
  11. My P/O ends at the end of March so he's got a 4/3/3 for me...not the best, not the worst. Really hesitant to move him...Beal is prob the best "side-grade" with a good schedule who has looked terrible (seems his chronic leg issues are back unfortunately). Unless I can someone go 1 for 1 or 1 and a near end of bench for Dame, I have a feeling I'm better off holding. His game is so fun to watch too
  12. Personally I think the month off is gonna pay off for him the 2nd half of the season. He's getting up there and in age and was probably running on fumes after FIBA. The other Raptors may have been putting up decent numbers while Marc was out but they weren't necessarily playing winning basketball...over the past week or so the Raps lost a bunch of close games down the stretch (3 to be exact and 1 ugly blowout to the Heat). As someone earlier mentioned, he might be playing for his final big contract in a very, very weak FA class. Add the fact that he's been working with Spanish trainers over the past month makes him seem poised to inch closer to a cautiously optimistic top 80-90 range. That being said, I'm punting FG% and still don't hate the idea of letting Gasol go if a really intriguing pickup comes up. Hope he balls out and makes me hang on ROS