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  1. Would love join : 20 years experience
  2. I will take the team, I have 20 years experience in fantasy.
  3. I will take team 2. Have played for 25 years.
  4. Reds gave up on him, not Cleveland.
  5. If anyone doesn't think this kid is going to grow, they are out of thier minds. Picked him up in a heartbeat.
  6. Interested have had many teams, and make moves daily.
  7. I will take Springfield
  8. Looks like top 3 teams have 3 of best teams and have all the rookies.
  9. Peraza hit like .323 for about 200 at bats with no plate discipline, and more homeruns then was expected. The next year he stunk and beginning of 2018 until he realize he needed plate discipline, then he took off. Peraza is no Mondesi but believe me thier watching tape. Say goodby to Mondesi's out of this world end of 2018 season.
  10. And Arizona got a first round, I like the trade but don't understand why they need Kelly.
  11. I would have never traded Evan's for Adams. Adam's could be a flash in the pan, Evan's is a top 10 receiver. I would rather have Kamara, if it's a dynasty trade not to bad.
  12. The guy had a 52 yard TD run called back against the Giants, that is why he was sitting at 4 yards on 4 carrys at halftime. Feed him the ball, he will break one.